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Sterling & Burke: Georgetown’s Best Kept Retail Secret [PHOTOS]

From fragrances made for Winston Churchill to leather goods handmade by the Amish (in Pennsylvania), every product in the store has a back story. Shopping at Sterling & Burke is much more than retail therapy; it’s a cultural and historical adventure!

Great gifts for the car buff, Alpha male

I know Christmas is coming to DC when I turn the dial to 97.1FM and every song has cheer. That’s when I grab my pen and begin to write Santa. My list is normally sealed and delivered to Ol’ Saint Nick by now, but for WHWweb.com I am willing to let you peak at the contents.

Santa Baby: local obsessions

Like Eartha sang in the flirty holiday classic, “I’ve been an awful good girl”. But this Christmas instead of asking “Santa Baby” for a sable, a convertible, or a yacht, the jolly gent will be checking off my list of LOCAL obsessions.

Stocking Stuffers For The Politician In You

With Christmas only a few days away, some of us are bound to get stumped when it comes to shopping for gifts. If you have anyone on your list who is a political nut, then your options are few and far between. Here are some fun gift ideas to roll out: