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Sterling & Burke: Georgetown’s Best Kept Retail Secret [PHOTOS]

From fragrances made for Winston Churchill to leather goods handmade by the Amish (in Pennsylvania), every product in the store has a back story. Shopping at Sterling & Burke is much more than retail therapy; it’s a cultural and historical adventure!

Style for Hire and Urban Chic show new moms how to be fab

Kara Allan, a Stacy London-trained stylist and uber-fashionable mother of three, teaches her secrets and gives personal style tips this Thursday at Urban Chic, in Georgetown.

Local aphrodisiacs

Looking for love (read: lust) in local places? Check out L. Denise’s quick list of easy-to-find aphrodisiacs:

[Restaurant Review] Bourbon Steak, going for the gusto

Bourbon Steak is everything that is right and disgustingly wrong about America. It’s bold. It’s excessive. It’s excellent. It’s opulent. And, it’s irresistible!

This Old House

See the oldest standing building in Washington, DC sits in the heart of Georgetown? Take a look at “The Old Stone House” then and now…