[Editor's Pick] DCPL introduces ‘Real World Experts’ program

This year DCPL is introducing a new component to its Summer reading program. As an incentive to read more, teens who finish at least six books will have the opportunity to explore that mythical place—the “Real World”. They’ll be able to spend a few hours with our community of talented, embedded,“real world experts”—YOU!


The NCAA Championship is underway and there’s no better place to watch Butler take on UCONN than Jordan’s 8 Sushi Steakhouse.    BOTH FLOORS & ROOFTOP OPEN!!! GRILL AND DRINK SPECIALS ALL NIGHT. TIP OFF AT 7:00 Jordan’s 8 523 8th Street SE Capitol Hill, DC

Oh Really Poet v.47

Imagine my surprise when I looked at the calendar and realized it was already April!!!! Mind you the weather is more December/January as of late…lol! Yet, even April showers couldn’t stop from “Winning and LMAO…Sir Charlie Sheen from “Losing” …Don’t believe me, umm hello keep reading and I’ll make you a believer…

Let the Shopping Begin!!!

Spring is here! Still need to freshen your wardrobe? Well, don’t fret. Kenyetta Greene shares some of her favorite places for retail rejuvination.

Live Life for YOU

Through social networking I often observe a veriety of things about people and their ways of thinking. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people, namely black, seem like they are more concerned with how people would look at them than what they actually think themselves.

Literary Hill BookFest: Volunteers Needed!

Attention, fellow Book Worms. The Literary Hill BookFest is coming to Capitol Hill and needs YOUR help!

Drag City DC ‘Skate for Life’ fundraiser

Shi-Queeta-Lee and her fabulous cast of Queens are hosting a roller skating party to raise funds for their new reality series, ‘Drag City DC’. Get all the details and join the fun!

The (Bitter) Sweetest Hangover

Uh-oh! It’s Spring again and you know what that means: BREAK UP season. Evan McArthur Kane lays out an action plan to get you through the volatile phases of relationship transition.

Lead by example

Consider how hard it is to change ourselves and that will help us understand what little chance we have in changing others.

Tarina Tarantino – Floriculture Eyeshadow Palette [Giveaway]

WHW and celebrity make up artist Kenyetta Greene are giving you the chance to win a FREE Tarina Tarantino – Floriculture Eyeshadow Palette. Get the details here!

The ‘BIG List’ of events

Just in time for Spring, here’s WHW’s BIG List of events. From sightseeing and social sports activities to

Oh Really Poet v.46

Only in America can someone break a window one day and have a number one the next. In the land of Hollywierd, I’m finding even I can still be surprised and after reading what shenanigans your favorite family members have been up to, you’ll find that you can too…

Should the US be involved in Libya’s civil war?

President Obama decided to sidestep Congress and launch air strikes into Libya, with no clearly defined mission other than to protect thousands of people from being killed by the government. Is this interference necessary?

[Video] Local agency creates a buzz with social media marketing conference

The Green Buzz Agency held the “What’s Next DC?” social media marketing conference at George Washington University. Hundreds came out to exchange knowledge and get the jump on social media trends.

Does the US lack leadership in President Obama?

Is the President doing his job as a leader, or is his “hopey-changey thing” starting to lose its appeal?

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