Cheap Eats: Ben’s Chili Bowl

 by Poet Taylor What’s 100% wind powered, 51 years old and has a story as celebrated as the street it sits on? Ben’s Chili Bowl of course! The now world famous DC eatery, started supplying customers with their mouth watering chili, the same year Dr. Martin Luther King published his first book and Griffith Stadium [...]

Tech This: Nokia N96 Smartphone

Tech This: Nokia N96 Smartphone

by R. Kaczynski The Nokia N96 hit the market in September ’08 and is still a powerhouse among smart phones. An upgrade from its predecessor—the N95—its features include everything but the kitchen sink. Whether you’re a techie, a music lover, or someone that needs to stay “connected” while on-the-go, the Nokia N96 is a must [...]

WHW Episode 1 Pt. 1

Anchor April Watts introduces What’s Hot Washington and goes one on one with Korto of Project Runway; Wyclef rips the stage at the Green Inaugural Ball; Plus Hayden Panettiere, Tank, Dr. Ben Chavis & more…

WHW Episode 1 Pt. 2

TL Fitz takes on the inauguration crowd in Street Buzz; Poet & Michelle tell you where to get cheap eats; and the glam squad transforms Consuelo into an inaugural beauty.

WHW Episode 1 Pt. 3

Paul looks at the Nokia N96; Rev. Jesse Jackson and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson speak at the Young & Powerful brunch; Street Buzz continues and April strips Korto.

5 Tips To Conserve Energy At Home

5 Tips To Conserve Energy At Home

by April Watts 1.) Keep the frige stocked. FACT: It takes more energy to cool an empty refrigerator than one that is full. 2.) Close the door. Isolating empty rooms and shutting off parts of the house that aren’t being used (i.e. areas of the basement) reduces the amount of space that needs to be [...]

Street Buzz: What Does Change Mean To You?

This week’s Street Buzz Question: “President Obama ran and won on a campaign of change.  But change means different things to different people.  What does change mean to you?” Give us your two cents in the comments section below.  

Korto Momolu Extended Pt. 1

In Pt 1 of the extended interview, Korto discusses how she got started in the fashion industry, her return to Liberia after nearly 15 years in exile and reveals her “true” muse.

A List: Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is living the quintessential American dream.  From struggling stand up comedian to an R&B hitmaker and Oscar Award winning actor; we’ve all watched his ascension and loved every minute of it.  “The good life” is an understatement for Jamie who, according to Fox News, donated a whopping 50 g’s to help boost the [...]

Korto Momolu Extended Pt. 2

In Pt.2 of the extended interview Korto discusses representing her family and people of color on reality television; her inaugural fashion show; and her vision for the future.

Tough L For The The Wiz

by Lamar Davis The Wizards lose a close one (101-99) tonight against a Chicago Bulls team fighting for the 8th and final spot in the east for the playoffs. Antwan Jamison finished with a game high 34 points and 12 rebounds which just so happens to be his 36th double double. Ben Gordon led the [...]

WHW Rocks – Episode 1 – Part 3

Watch Part 1 Vote for your favorite of Episode 2 and let us know who you think is hot enough to ROCK the stage in the season finale?

WHW Rocks – Episode 1 – Part 2

Watch Part 3 and vote on your favorite performer

Terps Inch Along In The Big Dance

by Lamar Davis Its Spring break at the University of Marlyand College Park. However, instead of students going to Cancun or visiting family, many chose to stay and support their Terrapins. Maryland must have felt the love because, with the help of the leading scorer Greivis Vasquez, the Terrapins upset Cal 84-71. The Terps started the [...]

AU Eagles: Out Like Lions

by Lamar Davis Coming out of the Patriot league, the American University Eagles gave it their all in the NCAA tournament. With a (24-8) record they were invited to the dance. Their opponent, the Villinova Wildcats who came to the dance with a (27-7) record out of the Big East. Both teams battled for the lead [...]

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