Hostages To Wall Street

A year ago, American taxpayers had to fork out billions of dollars to prop up failed entities and others in the financial industry that were dangling on the precipice of disaster. And just this month, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, two beneficiaries of this gracious act, announced quarterly profits of $3 billion and $3.6 billion respectively.

Haute Look of the Week

And The Haute Look of the Week goes to (drum roll)…

Oh Really Poet v.9

From the balloon boy hoax to the most unlikely covergirl….Poet gives up the goods in this week’s ORPl!!

An Open Letter To The Republican Party

Chris McDonald poses two important questions in his open letter to the Republican party.

The Brows Are Back!!!

Haven’t you heard? In relation to eyebrows, THICK is the new thin…

For Love of Party

The sun is setting real fast on the Republican brand. It has sent a mayday call to friends –insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry, and all others for help.

To Layoff Or Not To Layoff: That Is the Question!

Since mid-September when news first broke about the pending layoffs set to affect the DC School System, teachers, parents and children across the metro area have been up in arms about the legitimacy of such a dire budgetary tactic…

The Nobel Anointing of Obama

Unless you are a fortune-teller like me, you must have without doubt being blindsided by news of Mr. Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Fortunately for you, we happened to have been in the same boat on the morning of October 9th, simply because of this unexplainable fact — my crystal ball has ceased to function whenever it has to predict with certainty the future of Mr. Obama.

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize: Too Soon, or Just in Time?

Only 8 months into his presidency, does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

Oh Really Poet v.8

Poet serves up a healthy portion of this week’s entertainment dish. Frankie’s “Code 10″ at the BET Hip Hop Awards…The Mile High Club on Oprah’s jet?…Usher’s divorce scandal & more…

Skintervention: Make Up No-No

Kenyetta Greene warns against one of the cardinal sins of wearing make up.

Fashionably Yours v.1

Still need to give your fall wardrobe a boost? Find out what trends are hot, with fashionisto Teronce Styyles’, BEFORE you hit the mall.

DMV’s Most Wanted: Patrice Williams

It’s takes more than a handsome face to hold the attention of this blogging beauty. Gentlemen, are you ready for Patrice Williams?

Deperately Seeking A Roomie

“Desperately” is strapped for cash and wants to know if she should move in with her cigarette-smoking friend that dates married men. Find out what April has to say about the situation in this week’s “Ask April”.

Capital Fact: The DC Vote

DC is a hip and cosmopolitan town. But, the city’s history isn’t quite as progressive when it comes to the vote.

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