Barry Apologizes for “Poor Judgment”

Last Tuesday, at Union Temple Baptist Church, Barry made a public apology for causing the city “great embarrassment”. While he admitted to exercising “poor judgment” in awarding a government contract to someone with whom he had romantic involvement, Barry maintained that his actions were not criminal.

Toyota: Automaker Rolled Under the Bus

Investigating recalls is one thing, but to have the Toyota representatives on display, being battered with questions from lawmakers while the Government owns stock in a rival company, with the entire country watching, sends a terrible message to Americans.

Let’s Get Back to Golf

I’m still trying to figure out why the world’s best golfer, Tiger Woods, who has won approximately 71 PGA tours and 14 Majors, is apologizing to the public regarding his infidelity. I have looked at this from every angle. However I still don’t see how it’s relevant to golf.

Marion Barry Accused of Corruption

Although Barry has had a history of legal issues, including a conviction for drug possession in 1990, this is the first time he has been tied to a scandal involving tax payer dollars.

0% Guilt. 100% Pleasure. Be Delicious.

Votre Vu Almond Pie Rich Souffle` Lotion for the Body ($48) is my new beauty obsession! This body cream smells amazing and is super hydrating. What makes it so great??

Oh Really Poet v.21

From Comedian Kevin Hart’s “twit slip” to Tiger Woods’ press conference…This has been quite the week for celebrities airing their dirty laundry all over the place…or their dirty laundry being aired by someone else. In any case for you and I it equals pure entertainment….enjoy!!

Men’s Fashion Forecast: Knock ‘Em Out the Box!!

After decades of “playing it safe”, designers for men are stepping up and OUT OF THE BOX!! Finally, like their female counterparts, men get to experience the fun as well as the headache of putting together outfits.

Women’s Fashion Forecast: Chichi Dungarees

Bib overalls have gone chic! Who woulda thunk it?! From traditional denim to Japanese silk , top clothing designers have put a fashionable spin on dungarees for Spring and Summer 2010. The farmer in the dell has undergone a serious make over and, believe me baby, he’s never looked so good !!

First Lady on Fox News: A Step In the Right Direction?

Our first lady, Michelle Obama, has made childhood obesity a priority in 2010. Saturday she crossed into “enemy” territory, making an appearance on Fox News to chat with Mike Huckabee.

ROCK THE VOTE!! WHW Rocks Semi-Finals (VIDEO)

We put out the call and thousands of you showed up at the polls to vote for your favorite artists from the first season of WHW Rocks television show. Congratulations to our semi-finalists who received the highest number of votes in episodes. Now YOU must choose your favorite 4 artists to go on to compete at the SPECTACULAR SEASON FINALE!! Watch the performances and vote NOW!!

WHW Rocks: Ticket Discount (Limited Time Only!!)

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the WHW Rocks Season Finale concert and live taping. 4 of the DC area’s most talented artists will compete for CASH, PRIZES & the title, “DC’S FAVORITE ARTIST.” The winner will be determined by celebrity Judges. Get DISCOOUNT TICKETS today.

Oh Really Poet v.20

You’ll be happy to know even the snow that hit 48 states couldn’t stop, the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics, NY Fashion Week, All Star Weekend or anywhere else your favorite celebs were making the kind of news, that keeps us JUST CURIOUS??

Vancouver 2010: Maryland Athlete Goes For The Gold

As if cheering on one’s country isn’t reason enough to watch the Olympics, rooting for one’s city/state is an added bonus. Theron Johnson of Wheaton, Maryland will have the DMV glued to the tube as the US Men’s Bobsled team goes for the gold.

“Abracadabra”! Blemishes Disappear!

Regardless of skin type, everyone gets them……Blemishes! They can’t always be avoided, but fortunately, makeup can help. Celebrity make-up artist Kenyetta Greene is going to tell you how to effectively cover blemishes and dark spots so no one will even know you had them. Follow these six simple steps to get the look and, just like magic, your blemishes will diappear!

UPDATE: McQueen’s Tweets May Have Forshadowed Suicide

Last week, WHW reported the alleged suicide of 40-year-old, British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. According to a CNN report, disturbing tweets just days before McQueen’s death may have foreshadowed his suicide. There is also speculation that he was depressed over the recent death of his beloved mother.

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