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Redskins Defeat Cowboys in First Home Game

The Washington Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys 13 to 7 at FedEx Field. Watch Redskin fans go into a frenzy after the last play of the game. What a fantastic way to start off NFL Week one! Let’s go Redskins!!!

Democratic Candidates Hit the Pavement for Crunch Time

Over the weekend, local political candidates pounded the pavement for their final opportunity to corral voters for the DC Democratic Primary Election, this Tuesday September 13th. WHW followed the Twitter accounts of the Mayoral and Council Chair candidates to see who exactly “goes hard” when its crunch time!!! If posted photos could tell an accurate story, all the candidates except Vincent Orange put in a massive amount of work. But in all fairness, photos posted to Twitter merely reflect how effectively the candidates run a Twitter campaign. Apparently, most of the candidates took excellent notes from Obama. Mr. Orange…bad student.

Obama’s Speech at the Pentagon’s 9 11 Memorial

Saturday marked the 9th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Many across the nation paid tribute to first responders and those that lost their lives during these tragic events. President Obama spoke at a memorial, held at the Pentagon. Watch his speech…

WKYS Responds to ‘Big G’ Suspension Allegations

WHW recently reported Anwan ‘Big G’ Glover, Mayor Adrian Fenty and Ron Moten’s allegations that Councilmember Vincent Gray was behind the indefinite suspension of ‘Big G’ from WKYS radio station. This pre-recorded message was aired on the Russ Parr show at 8:00am today denying the allegations. The voice on the promo is that of WKYS Program Director Nikki Howse.

‘Big G’ Blames Vince Gray for Suspension From WKYS

Recently actor, go-go band leader, and WKYS personality Anwan “Big G” Glover was suspended from 93.9 FM for reasons that are unclear. “Big G”, Ron Moten (Peacoholics) and Mayor Fenty claim DC Council Chair Vincent Gray put pressure on the Radio-One station to get rid of Glover because of his public support of the incumbent.

Beck/Sharpton Rallies (Photo/Video Recap)

Last Saturday (exactly 47 years after the historic March on Washington and Dr. King’s legendary “I Have a Dream Speech”), the Nation’s Capital was divided by ideological opposites. Political commentator Glenn Beck and civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton both held rallies in Washington.

Black Conservative Lenny McAllister Shuns Beck Rally

Black conservative Lenny McAllister declined an offer for to sit on stage during Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally. Find out what the proud Republican had to say about Beck’s intentions and the King legacy. Tea Party activist Lloyd Marcus (also an African American) defends Beck and criticizes black civil rights leaders.

10 Things To Know About the DC Primary Election

I’m not sure if it’s just me or the political climate in the District, but this year is the most interesting Primary Election in quite some time. I’m always curious about the political process and how policies affect both the community and me, as an individual. But, this year, I’m waiting with baited breath to find out the outcome of the Primary. A few of the positions that are up for grabs are producing excellent debates and stiff competition—Democracy at its finest!

New Line of Underwear Complicate Police Pat-Down

Stash pocket underwear are becoming popular in urban areas like Washington, DC. For city dwellers, Safetyz (and similar brands) allow men and women to protect their valuables from pick pockets, muggers and the like. But, everything has a downside.

Obama’s Speaks About Education at NULC

I had the pleasure of being present at President Obama’s speech on education reform to the National Urban League to commemorate its Plenary Session during its Centennial Celebration. To put it in words may be difficult, but I will try. Here’s RiaRob’s rundown of this historical moment. To be quite frank, I’m still in shock.

National Urban League Celebrates 100 Years

Last week the National Urban League Centennial Conference took place at the Washington Convention Center. The big takeaway for me was the young professionals who were represented from different areas around the country. Their overall message to those of us who are seasoned was to not give up on them and to offer our support.

Portis & Cooley Help Skins Fan Propose

Redskins Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis recently did the ultimate for fan. The Pro Bowl players helped Don Carter pull off a surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend Elizabeth Ellis. For a sports fanatic, this has to be one of the coolest proposals ever! Watch the video…

A Tent City In the Nation’s Capital?

District resident and WHW reader, LaShawn Johnson, submitted a very interesting iReport. According to Ms. Johnson, “there is a community of demonstrators that have built a tent community right at the 7th and Rhode Island area, 1 block from the new Watha T Daniel-Shaw Library”. Apparently, the tent residents have a bone to pick with Mayor Fenty over an alleged broken campaign promise to build affordable housing on the lot.

2010 ESPY Awards Red Carpet RECAP

This year’s ESPY awards show was not as entertaining as past ceremonies . Luckily, for us, red carpet arrivals are always exciting!!! Check out some of your favorite atheletes and celebrities as they rocked the red carpet at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

Washington Wizards Draft Party

Last night, the Washington Wizards draft party got underway at the Verizon Center’s pratice court. Balloons dropped and season ticket holders and other VIPs errupted in cheer when the Wizards announced John Wall (Kentucky) as their number one draft pick. “Wall Mania” is in full effect as team ownership, sponsors, and fans look to the point guard to revive the Wiz.

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