Choices & Chances: Sexual Health Seminar for Youth

Diverse Gems is raising awareness on different aspects of sexual health: pregnancy, birth control, abstinence, how to properly use contraceptives, and STD’s/HIV. Ages 13 and up are welcome.

Seafarers of Anacostia: America’s First Black Yacht Club

Watch how a close connection in high places enabled a local shop teacher to establish the country’s first black Yacht Club right here in the Nation’s Capital.

(VIDEO) President Obama Addresses CBC at Phoenix Awards Dinner

President Obama addressed the Congressional Black Caucus at the Phoenix Awards Dinner last Saturday, September 23rd. During his speech, the POTUS reassured the audience, “we are moving in the right direction,” and reiterated his commitment to healthcare and job security. Obama also referred to the black caucus as the “conscience of Congress”.

Passport to Style at the Shops at Wisconsin Place; Your Gateway to Fall Fashion

Thursday, September 23rd, The Shops at Wisconsin Place will grant all adventure seekers their very own “passports to style”. From 5pm to 8pm, DC’s fashion forward will sip cocktails and partake in gourmet treats while shopping the hottest retailers and taking advantage of exclusive savings.

CBC Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner (Photo Recap)

Last week the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 40th Annual Legislative Conference got underway at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown DC. Politicians, celebrities, educators and more converged to seek solutions to issues that impact African Americans.

DC Goes Car Free

Car Free Day is an international event celebrated every September 22nd in which people are encouraged to get around without cars and instead ride a train, bus, bicycle, carpool, subway, vanpool, walk or telework. Car Free Day is open to all commuters, students, homemakers and seniors in the Washington metropolitan area.

Fashion For Autism

Friday, September 24 a worthy night of glitz and glamour direct from New York’s Fashion Week. Guests will preview designer Edwing D’Angelo’s superb 2011 fashion collection, enjoy music from internationally acclaimed Julliard concert pianist Edvinas Minkstimas, and indulge in dazzling fashion photography by Viktorija Juodenaite.

Michelle Obama Addresses Healthy Learning Initiative at Annual Legislative Conference

FLOTUS Michelle Obama helped launch the CBC Foundation’s alumni series as part of the Annual Legislative Conference. Last Wednesday, Mrs. Obama participated in the first of a three session series, “The ABC’s of Healthy Student Learning: Addressing Disparities in Academic Achievement and Health.”

DC Primary Election Results

As predicted by straw polls and focus groups, Vincent Gray beat out incumbent Adrian Fenty to win the Democratic nomination for Mayor. Another notable victory was At-Large Council Member Kwame Brown over Vincent Orange for DC Council Chair.

The following are citywide primary election results as reported by the DC Board of elections & Ethics. Visit their website for more detailed listings of election results by party, ward and precinct.

Should Congress Extend the Bush Tax Cuts?

Last week my blog was about America having a Republican President, and I asked if America would be better off today with John McCain as the Commander in Chief.
Overwhelmingly (88% to be exact), you said NO. This ties in perfectly with this week’s topic: The Bush Tax cuts.

Giving Up (Is So Hard to Do)

I’m done with dating. Well, for the foreseeable future at least. Not because I “Just Married” again, nor have I eloped with the idea of being perpetually single. It is, in fact because I am newly divorced from the idea of dating as being the only, or the best, means to an end.

WLB: Embrace Yourself

Throughout your life you will come in contact with people that will have different opinions about you, as well as about what they think you ‘should’ be doing. It is easy to get caught up into worrying about what other’s have planned for our lives, and what we have for theirs. The key is to know yourself so that no one will be able to tell you more about you than what you already know.

Redskins Defeat Cowboys in First Home Game

The Washington Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys 13 to 7 at FedEx Field. Watch Redskin fans go into a frenzy after the last play of the game. What a fantastic way to start off NFL Week one! Let’s go Redskins!!!

ORP Extra! VMA Recap

The 2010 VMA went down over the weekend…Chelsa Handler as host SUCKED… she wasn’t very funny and more then a few of her jokes were down right racially disrespectful. And was it me or did chick seem like she was DRUNK or HIGH out her mind?? Will.I.Am p’d people off, because it looked like he was performing in “blackface” although the mc claims otherwise. I was also kinda peeved that Nicki didn’t perform more alone! Taylor caught the wrath of every social network after her performance (seems her new single is about/dedicated to Kanye) I don’t know about anyone else but I tuned in for 5 performances honestly…

Democratic Candidates Hit the Pavement for Crunch Time

Over the weekend, local political candidates pounded the pavement for their final opportunity to corral voters for the DC Democratic Primary Election, this Tuesday September 13th. WHW followed the Twitter accounts of the Mayoral and Council Chair candidates to see who exactly “goes hard” when its crunch time!!! If posted photos could tell an accurate story, all the candidates except Vincent Orange put in a massive amount of work. But in all fairness, photos posted to Twitter merely reflect how effectively the candidates run a Twitter campaign. Apparently, most of the candidates took excellent notes from Obama. Mr. Orange…bad student.

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