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Movie Minute: mid-Summer FREE flicks

DC has so much fun (and free!) stuff going on this Summer! You’ve read the recent Music Minute: Concerts at Carter Barron Amphitheater post, now check out this year’s FREE outdoor Summer movie theater selections:

The Best Man

Evan McArthur Kane is…just trying to be Miles Davis.

N.E.R.D. and PacDiv Rock Sonar Baltimore

Love and Rockets to Coors Light and EOEntertainment for extending a welcomed invitation to WHW, to check out the ”Coors Light: Search for the Coldest concert. Sonar Baltimore was the place to be with bottles and bottles of Coors Light, “Coors Coldest Trivia” and live performances by PacDiv and N.E.R.D.

Words To Live By: Juding Others By Their Cover

You never really know what someone has been through. You may know them, but not their story. Some of the happiest people are those who have overcome some of the toughest obstacles. Some of the most charming people are the most deceitful…

Peace…by Piece

Evan McArthur Kane cuts deep with his thoughts on if, when or how we can repair that which has been broken.

Music Minute: Summer concerts @ Carter Barron Amphitheatre

Spring has finally sprung and Summer is well on its way. Hooray! One of the best things of Summertime is being outdoors. Another great thing is music. Carter Barron has managed to combine the two. Check out this year’s Carter Barron’s Summer Concert List to see what’s happening. Some events are FREE (some with tickets, some without), while [...]

To Do List (The Sequel)

To do, or not to do…that is question. Now read the answer in this week’s edition of The E-Male Chronicles. Warning: Intended for mature audiences and open minds.

Words To Live By: Loving From A Distance

If you know you need to break off a relationship, but you just don’t want to ‘start over’, you may wanna reconsider that decision.

DOTD: Michael Kors, Nine West, Eight Sixty Sale

There are some great sales going on so hurry up and catch them!!!

Storytelling with W. Ellington Felton

Just Cause Events & Wednesday Verses features: W. Ellington Felton: Published Author, Teacher, DJ, Artist, Actor, and Decorated Musician. Enjoy this musical journey through his impressive catalog of over 10 albums and numerous collaborations with some of your favorite artists.

To Do(n’t) List

To do, or not to do…that is question. Now read the answer in this week’s edition of The E-Male Chronicles. Warning: Intended for mature audiences and open minds.

Raising Taxes: Separating Fact From Fiction

It is truly time to stop with the smoke and mirrors, and put everything on the table when it comes to cutting the nation’s deficit. The debt in this country, which has skyrocketed due to bad decisions from BOTH parties, must be addressed, and soon.

President Obama: In a Race With Himself

While Republican’s scramble to find a challenger to unseat President Obama, there really is only one person who can defeat him in 2012:

President Obama

Momma’s Boy

Mr. Exception To The Rule breaks his own no-dating rule to spend one day with one very exceptional woman.

MetroTeen AIDS: Healthy Relationships

MetroTeen AIDS (MTA) has finished their first cycle of Healthy Relationships (HR) and it has been a great experience! An opportunity has been extended for young people at the next session

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