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Obama’s Holiday Wish List

Imagine being the President of the United States during the holidays. If you are Barack Obama, and could have a sit down with Santa, what exactly would be on your list to check twice? Here are, in order of importance, 3 gift’s our Commander in Chief could desperately use under his Christmas tree at the White House.

American Visa, African Blood Money

“At a time when the U.S. government is hammering President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan on his inability or unwillingness to rein-in corruption in his country, it seems it ought to be diverting some of those vicious blows on its own head.” Columnist Pelumi Olatinpo chastises the US for its friendliness with an African dictatorship.

Alot On Our Plates This Thanksgiving

By Chris McDonald A year ago, during the week of Thanksgiving, many Americans found their holiday season to be more stressful than ever before.  The economy was in the midst of a crippling recession, and many families were fearful about the future.  The stock market was in a free fall, and many believed our financial [...]

Is Sarah Palin “Going Rogue” With Her Political Ambitions?

Is Palin simply capitalizing on her popularity from her unsuccessful run as Vice-President, or is she eyeing something bigger? Columnist Chris McDonald explores…

Life Without Parole

Is life in prison without the possibility of parole a fair sentence for juvenile criminals? Columnist Pelumi Olatinpo expolores…

The Presidents Priorities: One year later

A year ago this month, Barack Obama was nominated as President. His campaign was run on a platform of fundamental change. Chris McDonald grades the President on his list of priorities for the nation. How would you grade Obama? Weigh in…

Chris McDonald’s Political Starting 5

If Chris McDonald was starting his own network, and could draft his own team of political pundits, this would be my starting 5…

No Fox In The White House

“It’s been such a wonderful love affair between Fox News and the Obama administration.” Political pundit Pelumi Olatinpo gives his analysis of the administration’s decision to boycott the network…

Making it Law to Learn: A Look at Montgomery County’s Push to Increase the Compulsory Age Limit

In an attempt to curb the growing high school dropout rate in Montgomery County, members of the Montgomery County Board of Education (MCBE) voted earlier this week to move forward with taking steps to increase the compulsory age of attendance from 16 to 18.

Trick Or Treat Washington

With Halloween upon us, and another blog to write, I figured why not be festive and help dress up some of our favorite political headliners.

Hostages To Wall Street

A year ago, American taxpayers had to fork out billions of dollars to prop up failed entities and others in the financial industry that were dangling on the precipice of disaster. And just this month, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, two beneficiaries of this gracious act, announced quarterly profits of $3 billion and $3.6 billion respectively.

An Open Letter To The Republican Party

Chris McDonald poses two important questions in his open letter to the Republican party.

For Love of Party

The sun is setting real fast on the Republican brand. It has sent a mayday call to friends –insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry, and all others for help.

To Layoff Or Not To Layoff: That Is the Question!

Since mid-September when news first broke about the pending layoffs set to affect the DC School System, teachers, parents and children across the metro area have been up in arms about the legitimacy of such a dire budgetary tactic…

The Nobel Anointing of Obama

Unless you are a fortune-teller like me, you must have without doubt being blindsided by news of Mr. Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Fortunately for you, we happened to have been in the same boat on the morning of October 9th, simply because of this unexplainable fact — my crystal ball has ceased to function whenever it has to predict with certainty the future of Mr. Obama.

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