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Worst Week Ever For NY Democrats

These past few weeks in politics have been full of scandal, with most of the headlines coming from New York Democrats. This might be a “Worst Week Ever” scenario for their N.Y politicians, as House Democrats and even the Governor have come under fire.

Toyota: Automaker Rolled Under the Bus

Investigating recalls is one thing, but to have the Toyota representatives on display, being battered with questions from lawmakers while the Government owns stock in a rival company, with the entire country watching, sends a terrible message to Americans.

First Lady on Fox News: A Step In the Right Direction?

Our first lady, Michelle Obama, has made childhood obesity a priority in 2010. Saturday she crossed into “enemy” territory, making an appearance on Fox News to chat with Mike Huckabee.

RNC Aims Cupid’s Arrow At Democrats

So Sunday February 14th is Valentines Day, the day for lovers. President Barack Obama and wife Michelle are spending it at Camp David. As we all wonder what type of gift exchanges will be going on up there, the RNC has decided to release a series of Valentines Day cards mocking the president and his Democratic colleagues. Some of them are pretty funny:

All Aboard the Tea Party Express?

Last week, Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker at the first annual Tea Party convention in Nashville Tennessee, declaring to the guests in attendance that “America is ready for another revolution and you are a part of this.” The event was covered by all of the major political networks, and was billed as the jump start to the Tea Party movement’s 2010 agenda.

Obama and Republicans: Where do we go from here?

They’ve clashed over just about every piece of legislation since he’s been in office, traded barbs through the press, and created a divide between both parties that seems beyond repair. With that being said, how can President Obama and his party truly work with Republican’s in 2010?

Worst Week Ever: Can the Democrats Regain Composure?

The anger of the public has been building over the past year waiting for the change that was promised to them. What voters have seen is easy to sum up: Increased spending, increased national debt, increased unemployment, and a bitter battle over health care that has shown politics in Washington hasn’t changed.

MLK Holiday: “Drum Major Instinct”

While “I Have A Dream” is Dr. King’s most famous speech, “Drum Major Instinct” is arguably his most brilliant and poignant speech. Whether you are hearing it for the first time or revisiting, the concept and present day relevance of the “Drum Major Instinct” will blow you away.

America Puts Aside Differences To Help Haiti

This past week, we have seen an outpouring of support in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake in Haiti. Our country has rallied in just a few days to raise millions of dollars to support the victims, once again showing what we as a nation can do when we put our differences aside and unite.

Help Haiti! Relief for Quake Victims

As you know, the island nation of Haiti was devastated by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake on this past Tuesday. Already afflicted with corruption and poverty, Haiti now faces the challenge of rebuilding its infrastructure and the spirits of its people.

Does America Need A Job Stimulus?

December’s unemployment rate stood at 10%, unchanged from the previous month. The President is pushing for a new jobs package that will cost about $150 billion, and has already been approved by the House. The Senate will consider the measure, and it is expected to receive complete Republican opposition.

5 Things to Look For In 2010 Politics

2010 will be a huge year for the Obama administration. They, along with Congress, had a very busy and exhausting 2009. With so much at stake for both the Democrats and Republicans in this, an election year, here are 5 things to look for in 2010 Politics:

Stocking Stuffers For The Politician In You

With Christmas only a few days away, some of us are bound to get stumped when it comes to shopping for gifts. If you have anyone on your list who is a political nut, then your options are few and far between. Here are some fun gift ideas to roll out:

Courage Under Fire

If Ben Rhodes, the president’s speechwriter, did a fine job crafting a speech that announced the sending of an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan with a draw-out date to begin in 18 months, President Obama did an absolutely finer job delivering it to the American people.

Unemployment Has The White House Focused On Jobs

The lack of jobs is what needs to be fixed right now. A 10% unemployment rate is the reality that we face, and economists expect that number to raise in 2010, not lower. A jobs summit was held this past week at the White House, with some encouraging ideas, but limited resources to bring them to life.

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