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City Flicks: DC Residents Go Orange!

Its an election year and, once again, District politicians are vying for position. Vincent Orange is in the running for DC Council Chair. This morning, pedestrian Mykal Gomez spotted Orange supporters campaigning in Friendship Heights.

Did America Make the Right Choice?

If the President were to give that same speech today, would it still resonate with people? On election night the cameras caught people of all races, ages and genders in the crowd at Grant Park in Chicago. Tears were flowing, smiles were contagious, and watching from my television, I felt a true sense of positive change coming. I felt confident, because the person I voted for won, and I believed in him and what he planned to do.

A Father’s Day Message From Obama

President Obama sent out an email Sunday to thank father’s for their hard work and dedication, while announcing a new program: The President’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative, which according to the President is the “Next phase of our efforts to help fathers fulfill their responsibilities as parents.”

Oil Spill Puts Climate Change Bill Back On Track

In a speech in Pittsburgh last week, President Obama once again made a Climate Change Bill a priority, in response to the devastating oil spill in the gulf. His approval rating plummeting, his crisis management skills being questioned, Obama was forced to again ask Congress for a comprehensive bill to reduce our dependence on foreign oils.

White House Slips Up on Oil Spill

Wow, what a bad end of the month for the President, full of bad decisions, bad press, and even worse, bad judgement. After a big victory with the passage of a far-reaching Financial Reform Bill, the White House has been hit with a flurry of controversy over it’s response to the oil spill in the Gulf.

Arizona Immigration Law (Poll Results)

Ok folks, last week I did a poll to see how everyone felt about the new Immigration Law in Arizona. Well, the results are in, and there will be no need for a recount.

Political Poll: Arizona’s Immigration Law

This week I want to try something different, and see what YOU think about what’s going on in politics. There are several big stories to cover, but I want to focus on the Immigration Law passed in Arizona. Signed into law by governor Jan Brewer on April 23, 2010., it has been described as one of the most strict anti-illegal immigration measure in quite some time.

Kagan: Obama’s Supreme Pick (Video)

Monday, May 10, 2010, President Barack Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to be the next judge for the Supreme Court. If confirmed, Kagan will be the fourth woman ever seated on the nation’s highest court and the second justice in 40 years that was not previously a judge.

American Mothers

On mother’s day, 2010, I would like to give thanks to all of the American mother’s, who have helped shape and mold this country just as much as our founding fathers did. So much has changed in our nation since George Washington’s quote, but one clear fact has managed to withstand time: There is nothing more potent against the evils of the world than a mother’s love.

Obama Steals Show At Correspondent’s Dinner

Last night, with much of Hollywood in attendance, President Obama stole the spotlight, topping Jay Leno with a range of jokes poking fun at everything from his gray hair, to recent Republican turned Independent Charlie Crist. Here were a few of his highlights:

Financial Reform Now

With the country still recovering from “The Great Recession”, Financial Reform is finally getting closer to becoming a reality. Both Republicans and Democrats, while not totally in agreement on a bill, both agree something must be done to ensure that another financial meltdown is avoided.

Throw The Socialist Card Out The Deck

Earlier this week I came across a blog on CNN which included an interview with the co-chair of the Socialist Party, Billy Wharton. The most outrageous claim by Wharton was probably in response to the idea that Barack Obama is a socialist.

Bob McDonnell Causes A Stir In Virginia

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell enraged many this past week when he left out any reference to slavery in his recent designation of April as Confederate History Month. The issue was not the initial proclamation, but the Governor’s failure to mention ANYTHING about slavery. WOW.

The President Delivers On Healthcare

The passage of this bill, to be signed into law today, is decades in the making. The past 14 administrations have worked to reform health care, to no avail. That staggering fact shows the scope of the bill, which will effectively reduce the deficit by $130 billion over 10 years.

The Coffee Party Movement: What’s In Their Cup?

This past month or so, a new alternative to the mess in Washington has emerged: The Coffee Party Movement. Checking out their website, the Coffee Party’s Goal “Aims to reinvigorate the public sphere, drawing from diverse backgrounds and diverse perspectives, with the goal of expanding the influence of the People in America’s political arena.”

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