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Raising Taxes: Separating Fact From Fiction

It is truly time to stop with the smoke and mirrors, and put everything on the table when it comes to cutting the nation’s deficit. The debt in this country, which has skyrocketed due to bad decisions from BOTH parties, must be addressed, and soon.

President Obama: In a Race With Himself

While Republican’s scramble to find a challenger to unseat President Obama, there really is only one person who can defeat him in 2012:

President Obama

[Photos] White House Correspondents Dinner Red Carpet

WHW selects the stand-out style stars from the White House Correspondents Dinner red carpet.

[Photos] Obama awards Medal of Freedom to President George H.W. Bush, Maya Angelou, Bill Russell and more

On February 15, 2011, President Barack Obama bestowed the Medal of Freedom upon 15 recipients including President George H.W. Bush, poet Maya Angelou, NBA legend Bill Russell, investor Warren Buffett and cellist Yo-Yo Ma. The Medal of Freedom is the nation’s highest civilian honor.

[Photos] Black politicians attend the 2nd annual A Voice Heritage Celebration

Recently, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation commemorated Black History Month with its 2nd annual A Voice Heritage Celebration held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington, DC.

Town hall meeting with Vince Gray

Today is election eve! Before you head to the polls tomorrow, DC Young Democrats present the last town hall for Democratic Mayoral Candidate Vince Gray.

(VIDEO) Reflections on the DC Mayoral Primary Race

WHW hit the streets on primary Election Day to get a feel for which candidate voters were supporting and why. The response was interesting.

Watch the video of the primary elections as seen throught the lens of WHW.

Will the Republican’s “Pledge” Work for America

In response to last week’s poll, 71% of you believe: Congress should allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for upper income Americans. This topic has continued to dominate news headlines, with President Obama standing firm on wanting to raise taxes on the wealthy. Republicans and many Democrats, however, are calling for an extension of all cuts, which is sure to spark more heated debate until a decision is reached.

(VIDEO) President Obama Addresses CBC at Phoenix Awards Dinner

President Obama addressed the Congressional Black Caucus at the Phoenix Awards Dinner last Saturday, September 23rd. During his speech, the POTUS reassured the audience, “we are moving in the right direction,” and reiterated his commitment to healthcare and job security. Obama also referred to the black caucus as the “conscience of Congress”.

CBC Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner (Photo Recap)

Last week the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 40th Annual Legislative Conference got underway at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown DC. Politicians, celebrities, educators and more converged to seek solutions to issues that impact African Americans.

DC Primary Election Results

As predicted by straw polls and focus groups, Vincent Gray beat out incumbent Adrian Fenty to win the Democratic nomination for Mayor. Another notable victory was At-Large Council Member Kwame Brown over Vincent Orange for DC Council Chair.

The following are citywide primary election results as reported by the DC Board of elections & Ethics. Visit their website for more detailed listings of election results by party, ward and precinct.

Should Congress Extend the Bush Tax Cuts?

Last week my blog was about America having a Republican President, and I asked if America would be better off today with John McCain as the Commander in Chief.
Overwhelmingly (88% to be exact), you said NO. This ties in perfectly with this week’s topic: The Bush Tax cuts.

Democratic Candidates Hit the Pavement for Crunch Time

Over the weekend, local political candidates pounded the pavement for their final opportunity to corral voters for the DC Democratic Primary Election, this Tuesday September 13th. WHW followed the Twitter accounts of the Mayoral and Council Chair candidates to see who exactly “goes hard” when its crunch time!!! If posted photos could tell an accurate story, all the candidates except Vincent Orange put in a massive amount of work. But in all fairness, photos posted to Twitter merely reflect how effectively the candidates run a Twitter campaign. Apparently, most of the candidates took excellent notes from Obama. Mr. Orange…bad student.

Obama’s Speech at the Pentagon’s 9 11 Memorial

Saturday marked the 9th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Many across the nation paid tribute to first responders and those that lost their lives during these tragic events. President Obama spoke at a memorial, held at the Pentagon. Watch his speech…

Barry Sings The Blues For Gray Campaign

As election day draws near, local politicians are pulling out all stops. Council member, Marion Barry, recently unleashed a secret weapon to help Coucil Chairman Vincent Gray in his campaign for mayor. Barry broke down and sang the Blues, while wearing a “Gray for Mayor” t-shirt, at Ward 8 Day festivities! WHW i-Reporter, Heron Gibran, captured it all on tape.

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