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Let’s Get Back to Golf

I’m still trying to figure out why the world’s best golfer, Tiger Woods, who has won approximately 71 PGA tours and 14 Majors, is apologizing to the public regarding his infidelity. I have looked at this from every angle. However I still don’t see how it’s relevant to golf.

Vancouver 2010: Maryland Athlete Goes For The Gold

As if cheering on one’s country isn’t reason enough to watch the Olympics, rooting for one’s city/state is an added bonus. Theron Johnson of Wheaton, Maryland will have the DMV glued to the tube as the US Men’s Bobsled team goes for the gold.

Super Bowl XLIV — Manning vs. Brees

“If a team has Payton Manning and the superior defense, they should win right? Not! I was wrong too…” . He knows sports and he doesn’t hold back on his opinion. Check out this week’s sports analysis from Lamar Davis.

Pro Bowl 2010

Football Sunday is coming to a close as of next week. Yesterday, an event that is usually held in Hawaii and a week after the Super Bowl was held in Miami and a week before the Super Bowl. Yes, I am referring to the Pro Bowl.

Performance Enhancers: Who Is To Blame?

If you played a pro sport where there was no drug testing, would you cheat to get a big contract or become the greatest to ever play the game?

Arenas Watch: Gilbert Pleads Guilty

Gilbert Arenas’ lawyer entered a plea deal to the District Attorney.

Money, Mayhem, and Tragedy

Over the past ten years there are several things that have transpired in the sports world. Things that make you question athletes’ decisions and things that make you think this could be you. As I sit and watch ESPN or read the sports section, sometimes I wonder if things are going to get worse or will one person finally learn from another person’s mistakes. Have a seat because I’m going to clear the air and touch on the affects of money and the mayhem it seems to be causing with our Marquee athletes.

Won’t You Take Me To Hockey Town?

With the current situations of the Redskins and the Wizards, the Washington Capitals have been put into the spotlight. Even non-hockey fans are running to the Verizon Center to get a glimpse of the Caps. Traditionally known as a “white man’s” sport, more and more people of color in “Chocolate City” are expanding their sports love hockey.

Let Us Pray: Redskins Season Analysis

After a long hard fight and controversial season, the Washington Redskins finished 4-12 tying with the Kansas City Chiefs for the fourth worst record in the NFL. Fortunately, (I hope) that means the Redskins get the fourth pick in the draft. Let’s look at what caused the down fall of the Redskins season and point the finger at certain players that don’t deserve to be on the team next year.

NY Met David Wright at GQ/Swiss Army Event

Last week, GQ Magazine and NY Met David Wright helped Victorinox Swiss Army launch their new fragrance at Bloomingdale’s (NYC). WHW has cameras everywhere, and we were there to capture the moment! Photos by Anthony Tilghman Photography

Tough L For The The Wiz

by Lamar Davis The Wizards lose a close one (101-99) tonight against a Chicago Bulls team fighting for the 8th and final spot in the east for the playoffs. Antwan Jamison finished with a game high 34 points and 12 rebounds which just so happens to be his 36th double double. Ben Gordon led the [...]

Terps Inch Along In The Big Dance

by Lamar Davis Its Spring break at the University of Marlyand College Park. However, instead of students going to Cancun or visiting family, many chose to stay and support their Terrapins. Maryland must have felt the love because, with the help of the leading scorer Greivis Vasquez, the Terrapins upset Cal 84-71. The Terps started the [...]

AU Eagles: Out Like Lions

by Lamar Davis Coming out of the Patriot league, the American University Eagles gave it their all in the NCAA tournament. With a (24-8) record they were invited to the dance. Their opponent, the Villinova Wildcats who came to the dance with a (27-7) record out of the Big East. Both teams battled for the lead [...]

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