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Obama Steals Show At Correspondent’s Dinner

Last night, with much of Hollywood in attendance, President Obama stole the spotlight, topping Jay Leno with a range of jokes poking fun at everything from his gray hair, to recent Republican turned Independent Charlie Crist. Here were a few of his highlights:

US Census: It Matters To YOU

There are many reasons people choose not to participate in the US Census. “I don’t have time.” “I’m a private person.” “I’m an illegal immigrant.” “I just don’t see the point.” Well, here is the point broken down into the simplest of terms:

UPDATE: McQueen’s Tweets May Have Forshadowed Suicide

Last week, WHW reported the alleged suicide of 40-year-old, British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. According to a CNN report, disturbing tweets just days before McQueen’s death may have foreshadowed his suicide. There is also speculation that he was depressed over the recent death of his beloved mother.

Fashion Maven Alexander McQueen Dies

40-year old designer and fashion icon, Alexander McQueen, was found dead this morning in a London flat. Authorities believe he committed suicide by hanging. This tragedy comes just days after the death of McQueen’s mother, Joyce.

Pro-Lifers March On Washington

Last Friday, January 22nd, marked the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade—the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion (up to the end of the first trimester). Pro-Lifers rallied in downtown Washington to protest a woman’s right to choose.

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