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Mayor Vincent Gray and DC Council members arrested during DC Vote protest

This evening DC Mayor Vincent Gray, Council Chair Kwame Brown, and several other council members were arrested outside the Hart Senate Building during a protest organized by DC Vote.

[Update] Korto Momolu returns home after 23 years to design for Amani Liberia

International fashion designer, Korto Momolu, will return to her home country of Liberia, in May 2011 to show a 27-piece collection designed specifically for Amani Liberia’s “Sankofa Fashion Show.” Get the details on this and watch as Korto talks to WHW Editor, April Watts about being exiled from her homeland.

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton says DC should tell Congress to ‘go straight to hell’

Outraged over the recent treatment of the District during federal government shutdown resolution talks, Norton said, “It’s time that the District of Columbia told Congress to “go straight to hell.” Norton is riled up over a rider to a bill that prevents DC from spending its own tax revenue on abortions for low income women.

East Coast Rapist nabbed from butt…irony much

The now infamous “East Coast Rapist”, he who had more than a decade run through Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island, Virginia and many more states has been named and nabbed. [Yesterday] he faced a Superior Court judge.

(VIDEO) President Obama Addresses CBC at Phoenix Awards Dinner

President Obama addressed the Congressional Black Caucus at the Phoenix Awards Dinner last Saturday, September 23rd. During his speech, the POTUS reassured the audience, “we are moving in the right direction,” and reiterated his commitment to healthcare and job security. Obama also referred to the black caucus as the “conscience of Congress”.

CBC Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner (Photo Recap)

Last week the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 40th Annual Legislative Conference got underway at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown DC. Politicians, celebrities, educators and more converged to seek solutions to issues that impact African Americans.

Michelle Obama Addresses Healthy Learning Initiative at Annual Legislative Conference

FLOTUS Michelle Obama helped launch the CBC Foundation’s alumni series as part of the Annual Legislative Conference. Last Wednesday, Mrs. Obama participated in the first of a three session series, “The ABC’s of Healthy Student Learning: Addressing Disparities in Academic Achievement and Health.”

Obama’s Speech at the Pentagon’s 9 11 Memorial

Saturday marked the 9th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Many across the nation paid tribute to first responders and those that lost their lives during these tragic events. President Obama spoke at a memorial, held at the Pentagon. Watch his speech…

Beck/Sharpton Rallies (Photo/Video Recap)

Last Saturday (exactly 47 years after the historic March on Washington and Dr. King’s legendary “I Have a Dream Speech”), the Nation’s Capital was divided by ideological opposites. Political commentator Glenn Beck and civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton both held rallies in Washington.

Black Conservative Lenny McAllister Shuns Beck Rally

Black conservative Lenny McAllister declined an offer for to sit on stage during Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally. Find out what the proud Republican had to say about Beck’s intentions and the King legacy. Tea Party activist Lloyd Marcus (also an African American) defends Beck and criticizes black civil rights leaders.

New Line of Underwear Complicate Police Pat-Down

Stash pocket underwear are becoming popular in urban areas like Washington, DC. For city dwellers, Safetyz (and similar brands) allow men and women to protect their valuables from pick pockets, muggers and the like. But, everything has a downside.

Obama’s Speaks About Education at NULC

I had the pleasure of being present at President Obama’s speech on education reform to the National Urban League to commemorate its Plenary Session during its Centennial Celebration. To put it in words may be difficult, but I will try. Here’s RiaRob’s rundown of this historical moment. To be quite frank, I’m still in shock.

National Urban League Celebrates 100 Years

Last week the National Urban League Centennial Conference took place at the Washington Convention Center. The big takeaway for me was the young professionals who were represented from different areas around the country. Their overall message to those of us who are seasoned was to not give up on them and to offer our support.

Portis & Cooley Help Skins Fan Propose

Redskins Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis recently did the ultimate for fan. The Pro Bowl players helped Don Carter pull off a surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend Elizabeth Ellis. For a sports fanatic, this has to be one of the coolest proposals ever! Watch the video…

Lena Horne Dead at 92

Singer/actress and timeless beauty, Lena Horne, died Sunday night at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She was 92. Horne’s monster talent and stunning looks enabled her to break racial barriers for black entertainers. She was the first African American performer to be signed to a long-term contract with a major Hollywood studio (MGM) and was one of the first to sing with an all white orchestra.

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