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REAL WORLD…District Style

Coincidence that major shows are making Washington DC., the back drop of their story boards. From the “Real Housewives of DC” to most recently First Lady Michelle Obama’s appearance on the “Iron Chef” the country is finding out what those in the “DMV” (DC, Maryland and Virginia) already know that our city ROCKS!

Oh Really Poet v. 17

New Year. New Gossip. Same quality. Poet’s kicks off a new decade with a doozie!

Oh Really Poet v. 16

This week Poet’s here to spread a little holiday cheer…and a story or three about your favorite celebrities….

Sponsors Rock!!

Thanks to all our viewers on TV and the web, WHW Rocks is officially the most visible independent artist showcase in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We’re in search of small businesses and corporations that share our commitment to the local arts community. SEE VIDEO PROMO…

Oh Really Poet v. 15

Oooooh hooooo!! From Pleasure P’s molestation allegations to a certain R&B starlet’s baby bump…this week’s ORP blog is particularly juicy! Ruth’s Chris ain’t got NOTHIN’ on this!

Gillette Fusion Men of Style Honors 2009

What defines a man of style? Gillette Fusion and Rolling Out have the answer! This week they took over the Nation’s Capital as part of a 5-city tour honoring men of style in their respective cities. View exclusive pics shot by Aaron J of

Gillette Enlists “The Fox” For An MVP Experience

In addition to tapping into DC nightlife with the Men of Style honors, Gillette Fusion and Rolling Out embraced the community with a brilliant lifestyle marketing event called the MVP Experience. As if a great idea wasn’t enough, Gillette and Rolling Out pulled out all stops when they enlisted actress/producer Vivica A. Fox to turn up the heat in the barbershop. Pics by

Oh Really Poet v. 14

The best gossip in the business has the holiday. From the Tiger Woods drama to Katie Couric getting “loose” and speculation of an interesting sleepover between two hip hop giants, Poet’s got the details. Hope you’ve got an appetite for gossip because you’re about to get served!!

Oh Really Poet v.12

This week, the most talented gossip in the business serves a heaping helping. Hope you’re ready for the good the bad and the gossip!

Oh Really Poet v.11

The hills are alive with the sound of gossip…and Poet’s got her ear to the ground. From Joe Jackson, Miley Cyrus and Sammy Sosa’s drastic complexion change to Beyonce’ cheating on Jay-Z??? You be the judge of this week’s scoop…

John Legend visits the White House

WHW has eyes and ears everywhere! Earlier, we received word that John Legend was paying a visit to our fine city. Here they are two “legends” live from the West Wing of the White House.

Oh Really Poet v.10

Poet Taylor drops the Post-Halloween edition of ORP!! Check out your favorite and not so favorite celebrities all dressed up & more…

Oh Really Poet v.9

From the balloon boy hoax to the most unlikely covergirl….Poet gives up the goods in this week’s ORPl!!

Oh Really Poet v.8

Poet serves up a healthy portion of this week’s entertainment dish. Frankie’s “Code 10″ at the BET Hip Hop Awards…The Mile High Club on Oprah’s jet?…Usher’s divorce scandal & more…

No Wonder You’re An “Idiot”!

By Dwayne “Blue” Telesford With a song called “Idiot”, I wondered what this could really be about. Then the opening line says “I told my girl that I cheated/Now, she done left my a** alone” and I chuckled to myself “Ohhh, now I get it!” Truly an idiotic move on his part and the story [...]

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