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UPTOWN: The Local “Movie-Buff’s” Theater

For a true movie-buff, a night at the cinema is much more than seeing a good flick. If you have never visited the Uptown Theater, your local movie-going experience is seriously lacking.

So What Saints?!

It’s been rough these last few years, but the Washington Redskins have a history of glory to which we are destined to return. Hail to the Redskins!!

This Old House

See the oldest standing building in Washington, DC sits in the heart of Georgetown? Take a look at “The Old Stone House” then and now…

Adams Morgan: “What’s in a name?”

“What’s in a name?” The answer to that question may have been “very little” for star-crossed lovers Romeo & Juliet but, in the case of a trendy DC neighborhood, the answer is “everything”.

Chocolate City: The Original DC Anthem

Many people are familiar with “Welcome To DC”–the hard-driving anthem for the nation’s capital–by a popular Go-Go music group called Mambo Sauce. But long before residents were blasting the current anthem in their ipods, people bumped the original DC anthem on 8-track tapes.

Capital Fact: The DC Vote

DC is a hip and cosmopolitan town. But, the city’s history isn’t quite as progressive when it comes to the vote.

The Whitelaw (Then & Now)

The Whitelaw isn’t just an ordinary apartment building. Like many of the old buildings in the District, has a rich and unique history.

Federal Triangle–”Hooker’s Division”

Today, Federal Triangle is known for impressive buildings that house promiment government offices. But once upon a time, it was a notorious part of town.

Capital Fact: The BIG Chair

Ever wondered, “Why the heck is a gigantic chair propped in the middle of Anacostia?” We went digging and found the answer…

Capital Fact: Belafonte’s “Big Break”

Did you know legendary singer/actor/activist Harry Belafonte’ got his start right here in DC? And that’s only half the story…