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WLB: Embrace Yourself

Throughout your life you will come in contact with people that will have different opinions about you, as well as about what they think you ‘should’ be doing. It is easy to get caught up into worrying about what other’s have planned for our lives, and what we have for theirs. The key is to know yourself so that no one will be able to tell you more about you than what you already know.

WLB: Know Your Limits

Many times we take on tasks that we believe we can do without putting much thought into what it actually takes to do it. Taking on too many things does not show strength, but instead simply means we do not know how to say no.

WLB: The Eye of the Beholder

There are no accidents in life. Everything that happens is for a reason. Although you may not see it that way, it is true. Every incident that occurs is significant and something good can come from it. The only thing stopping us from seeing the good in any situation is our perspective. The bad things that happen in life should open our eyes to the good things we weren’t paying attention to before.

WLB: Self-Reflection

All too often we want to change our circumstances, but we rarely want to change ourselves. Can you imagine the improvements we would make if we complained less and examined ourselves more?

WLB: Mistakes Are Lessons

Problems we have and mistakes we make are sometimes good at disguising themselves. They make us think that we have failed at something, and try to discourage us from positive thinking. Mistakes are simply unwise decisions caused a lack of judgment.

WLB: Success

There are different types of success, and what it means to be successful is unique to each individual. You can be successful in some areas of life, and not the others. Since no one is perfect, there isn’t a single person on earth that is completely successful in every area of life. Sometimes we make things more complicated for ourselves by allowing others to define our level of success. Don’t ever compare your life to others.

WLB: True Growth

People often forget that there are lessons in pain. I never forget what my hurts teach me. True Growth represents not making the same mistakes twice. If you only see a mistake or pain as that, and not a lesson, you will not be able to learn from it.

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