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Words To Live By: Juding Others By Their Cover

You never really know what someone has been through. You may know them, but not their story. Some of the happiest people are those who have overcome some of the toughest obstacles. Some of the most charming people are the most deceitful…

Words To Live By: Loving From A Distance

If you know you need to break off a relationship, but you just don’t want to ‘start over’, you may wanna reconsider that decision.


People who don’t know themselves will always seek validation from outside sources (like you). Beware of these people. I just think it’s funny how folks will cut the genuine people out of their life and hang onto the fake ones. Sometimes, people don’t even realize that they are seeking acceptance from others until it is [...]

Live Life for YOU

Through social networking I often observe a veriety of things about people and their ways of thinking. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people, namely black, seem like they are more concerned with how people would look at them than what they actually think themselves.

Lead by example

Consider how hard it is to change ourselves and that will help us understand what little chance we have in changing others.

Anything worth having takes work; a case for marriage

If we put as much effort into our relationships as we did on our careers or our appearance, there is a much higher chance at success. For those who are skeptical about marriage, the easy way ends up being the much harder way in the long run.

Words To Live By: communication is key

Words can either hurt or heal. If you are not aware of someone’s intention, you may take their words out of context or become skeptical about what they’re saying. More importantly, at times we forget that communication is not always about what a person is saying verbally.

Words To Live By: positive change

Often times, we have more advice on what other people need to change than ourselves. That is because we do not see ourselves the same way as others do. But when told how we can better ourselves, what do we do with this information?

Maintaining the Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day! Although it is a holiday many in relationships look forward to, there are just as many who feel that Valentine’s Day isn’t necessary.

WLB: Make room for love

People say they want love but many people self sabotage it because they are afraid of being hurt, consumed with career, comfortable in their loneliness or don’t feel worthy. To have love, we have to make room in our hearts and our lives for it.

WLB: So you want to have sex?

Think you’re ready to go all the way? Qualamiya Hall gives some words to live by regarding the right partner and the right time to have s-e-x.

WLB: Honesty is the only policy

Everyone lies at some point, even if it is about the smallest things, also known as ‘white lies.’ What we don’t realize is, even ‘white lies’ can hurt.

Dreams Do Come True

It’s possible that even Dr. King had no idea of the type of impact he’d have when he first became a civil rights activist. But he had a dream and he never stopped trying to fulfill it. His dream and his effort changed not only America, but the world.

The gift of giving

I’m sure we have all heard the phrase before that “Giving is better than receiving.” Even still, most of us do not realize the importance of giving. Our good actions give not only strength to ourselves, but they inspire good actions in others as well.

WLB: Focus on those that count

We spend more time worrying about what people who do not affect our lives in any way think about us. Every day we perceive ourselves based on what others see; not what our loved ones see and especially not what we see in ourselves.

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