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Tax Cut Deal Smells Like Typical Washington BS

This past week, President Obama and Republican leadership came to an agreement on a deal to extend all of the Bush tax cuts, in an effort soothe tensions and show the American people that they are back to working for them. The deal includes extending the tax cuts to all Americans, including the wealthiest Americans for another two years.

Is WikiLeaks the Internet Al Queda?

Should WikiLeaks be considered a Terrorist organization? Is this a new type of cyber-terrorism that threatens to attack the power of America, or simply freedom of press gone wild?

[Opinion Poll] Has the TSA gone too far?

Unnecessary groping. Hands from strangers where they shouldn’t be. Uncomfortable and awkward moments. No ladies, I am not talking about that last trip to the club, I am referring to the process we have now come to in order to board an airplane in the United States. Is it a necessity at this point with so many threats of terrorist activities involving airplanes, or an extensive violation of our privacy?

Will the right and left follow Obama forward?

Can Republicans and Democrats put politics aside and figure out how to get the economy rolling again? Or will a Republican majority in the House cause gridlock in Washington and keep the country at a standstill?

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize: Too Soon, or Just in Time?

Only 8 months into his presidency, does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

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