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Raising Taxes: Separating Fact From Fiction

It is truly time to stop with the smoke and mirrors, and put everything on the table when it comes to cutting the nation’s deficit. The debt in this country, which has skyrocketed due to bad decisions from BOTH parties, must be addressed, and soon.

President Obama: In a Race With Himself

While Republican’s scramble to find a challenger to unseat President Obama, there really is only one person who can defeat him in 2012:

President Obama

The Donald Gets Trumped at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Last night, Donald Trump took it on the chin from President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  There were many memorable moments, including a film montage of the President’s struggle without his beloved teleprompter, and several jabs at the GOP. Obama saved his sharpest daggers, however, for the man who claimed to be [...]

Washington’s Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter everyone.  This is one day of the year where many of us can put aside problems, and spend time with God, as well as family.  Many traditions in my family come to mind, such as a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. In Washington, the lawmakers in this country are on a hunt [...]

Stunting Like Our Daddy’s? Will The U.S Debt Reshape Our American Dream?

The past few weeks have been a showcase for both Republican and Democratic plans to reduce our deficit. Both plans involve saving trillions of dollars, but neither would manage to balance the budget. What does that mean for the 20 and 30 somethings hoping to become wealthy and live a life of security?

Should the US be involved in Libya’s civil war?

President Obama decided to sidestep Congress and launch air strikes into Libya, with no clearly defined mission other than to protect thousands of people from being killed by the government. Is this interference necessary?

Does the US lack leadership in President Obama?

Is the President doing his job as a leader, or is his “hopey-changey thing” starting to lose its appeal?

Is the Wisconsin union bill a look into our country’s future?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a controversial law this week reducing the collective bargaining rights of public employees in his state. This bill has set off a firestorm of protests and controversy, with Wisconsin Democrats going to great lengths by hiding in another state to avoid a vote.

Gay marriage in Maryland

As the debate over Gay Marriage heats up in my home state, as well as the country, it seems more and more inevitable that gays and lesbians will soon have the same rights as their straight counterparts. It has been a policy that has fired up conservatives looking to shut the book, and liberals aiming to close the deal.

Barack and Michelle: The True Power Couple

With today being Valentine’s Day, what better couple to highlight than our very own President and First Lady. Barack and Michelle Obama are a true example of what is possible, when love is in your life, and determination to be something other than the status quo is in your mind.

For Love Or Party: How does political ideology affect relationships?

Politics is never the first thing people use to spark up a conversation. More times than not, it is left out, because most people are very protective of their personal beliefs, and unwilling to compromise. Sounds very similar to our favorite politicians in Washington, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, avoiding politics could affect your relationship with your significant other.

Top 10 sex scandals in American Politics

There were so many to choose from, but political columnist Chris McDonald narrows down the top 10 sex scandals in American politics.

Will President Obama’s State of the Union Speech show he is up for the job

All eyes will be on President Obama Tuesday night. We know he can give a great speech, but the real question is: Can he get Americans back to work?

Where do we go from the tragedy in Tucson?

After a gunman opened fire Saturday in Tucson, Arizona, killing six people and wounding 14, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, several questions remain in its aftermath. One in particular is this: How can politicians stay safe in an increasingly dangerous climate of overblown partisan rhetoric?

Eleven questions about 2011 politics

2010 was full of political headlines, with many topics left unresolved heading into the new year. Looking through last year’s blogs, I put together 11 questions that I’d like to see answered in 2011.

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