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Giving Up (Is So Hard to Do)

I’m done with dating. Well, for the foreseeable future at least. Not because I “Just Married” again, nor have I eloped with the idea of being perpetually single. It is, in fact because I am newly divorced from the idea of dating as being the only, or the best, means to an end.

May(be) December?

I drink wine without snobbery. And I believe in the “taste and see” theory of appreciation as opposed to being a label lover. The same is true of my ethos about women. There are no types, tests or pre-requisites. But I have to admit the exception that age is not always been “just a number” of insignificance.

The E-Male Chronicles: Rejection Overruled

Let’s not fool ourselves, the fine art of seduction is one that few men will ever care–or dare–to master. We don’t teach, and consequently don’t learn how to talk to the fairer sex. Too many young men will enter adulthood without knowing how to spell or pronounce–much less define etiquette.

The E-Male Chronicles: Every Single Day

I rarely use the word “Single” to describe my relationship status. In fact, I loathe the term, and I’m anxiously waiting for the extinction of such archaic indicators. In the absolute sense, every adult is either married, single or deceased. But in reality, there is always an overdose of nuance, and “It’s Complicated”.

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