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Literary Hill BookFest: Volunteers Needed!

Attention, fellow Book Worms. The Literary Hill BookFest is coming to Capitol Hill and needs YOUR help!

The (Bitter) Sweetest Hangover

Uh-oh! It’s Spring again and you know what that means: BREAK UP season. Evan McArthur Kane lays out an action plan to get you through the volatile phases of relationship transition.

Lead by example

Consider how hard it is to change ourselves and that will help us understand what little chance we have in changing others.

Tarina Tarantino – Floriculture Eyeshadow Palette [Giveaway]

WHW and celebrity make up artist Kenyetta Greene are giving you the chance to win a FREE Tarina Tarantino – Floriculture Eyeshadow Palette. Get the details here!

The ‘BIG List’ of events

Just in time for Spring, here’s WHW’s BIG List of events. From sightseeing and social sports activities to

Oh Really Poet v.46

Only in America can someone break a window one day and have a number one the next. In the land of Hollywierd, I’m finding even I can still be surprised and after reading what shenanigans your favorite family members have been up to, you’ll find that you can too…

Should the US be involved in Libya’s civil war?

President Obama decided to sidestep Congress and launch air strikes into Libya, with no clearly defined mission other than to protect thousands of people from being killed by the government. Is this interference necessary?

Does the US lack leadership in President Obama?

Is the President doing his job as a leader, or is his “hopey-changey thing” starting to lose its appeal?

Anything worth having takes work; a case for marriage

If we put as much effort into our relationships as we did on our careers or our appearance, there is a much higher chance at success. For those who are skeptical about marriage, the easy way ends up being the much harder way in the long run.

#POTM March product of the month

As products come across my desk, I have to share my favs as Products of the Month (POTM).

Oh Really Poet v.45

As we patiently wait for the beauty that is spring, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ear to the ground, to be the know, who’s winning: Beyonce’, who’s losing: John Galliano, who’s lost it *cough* 50Cent and who should just stop it all together, yeah I’m talking about you crazed Bieber fans…

Casualties of War

WHW columnist Evan McArthur Kane explores a more creative side with a revealing poem about heartbreak and pain.

2011 Mazda MAZDA3 s Grand Touring 5-Door

Soon as I tapped the push button to start I could hear the young voice whisper in my ear, “Zoom, Zoom.” Shifting in this manual transmission was easy and carefree, I nailed it from the jump and the rumpus ensued as I whizzed through East of the River in Washington, DC and zig-zagged down Route 50 like a slalom to do some shopping in Annapolis.

Is the Wisconsin union bill a look into our country’s future?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a controversial law this week reducing the collective bargaining rights of public employees in his state. This bill has set off a firestorm of protests and controversy, with Wisconsin Democrats going to great lengths by hiding in another state to avoid a vote.

Words To Live By: communication is key

Words can either hurt or heal. If you are not aware of someone’s intention, you may take their words out of context or become skeptical about what they’re saying. More importantly, at times we forget that communication is not always about what a person is saying verbally.

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