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“Songbirds of Soul” Honors Erykah, Lauryn and Aaliyah

“Songbirds of Soul” honors several soulful songbirds.

Essence Magazine: Girlfriend’s Appreciation Day!

Celebrate your girlfriends/besties/BFFs/homegirls/sister friends with Girlfriend’s Appreciation Day and Essence Magazine!

Oh Really Poet v.48

April showers bring May flowers huh?? Well all I’ve seen as of late is the showers and the life & times of our favorite extended family members and crazy uncles have once again not disappointed. It was raining shenanigans, ridiculousness and OMGEES this week, I mean rappers pushing chicks outta moving cares, secret love affairs exposed, President Obama losing one of his biggest endorsers…Read on at your own risk…

Baby Bash and Bling: Interactive Lifestyle Expo for Expectant Mothers

Show off your “baby bump” at the ‘Baby Bash and Bling’!

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Jeep products are normally best served on the rocks but due to the lack of rough terrain in the area besides crater-like potholes I decided to take my trip East of the River neat and in grand style.

Alan Page: Green Party candidate for At-Large City Council

Alan Page is running for At-Large City Council in Washington D.C, representing the D.C Statehood Green Party. Green Party candidates represent a somewhat radical change from the norm, refusing corporate donations and essentially bucking the trend of a two party system.

1040 “Easy”

Ms. 1040 EZ is tired of doling out the dollars to her boyfriend, who seems to have plans for her cash every tax season. Read how April suggests she handle the situation.

Royal Wedding Countdown…….

With the Royal Wedding quickly approaching, the bridal season is booming. From the engagement ring to Catherine (Kate) Middleton’s dress, the Royal wedding has sparked the wedding trend of the season.

Remember The Time

An unforgettable journey into the mind of a man who readily admits he can’t commit to the devilish details of his past, this week The E-Male Chronicles takes a walk down memory lane.


People who don’t know themselves will always seek validation from outside sources (like you). Beware of these people. I just think it’s funny how folks will cut the genuine people out of their life and hang onto the fake ones. Sometimes, people don’t even realize that they are seeking acceptance from others until it is [...]

Bridal Basics: Bridal Party “Survival Kits”

S/he popped the question. You said ‘yes!’ Wedding season is here. Boy, that was fast!

Spring (And The) Cleaning

The E-Male Chronicles gets back to its roots and Evan McArthur Kane gives you some behind-the-scenes insight as to how it all came to be.

Oh Really Poet v.47

Imagine my surprise when I looked at the calendar and realized it was already April!!!! Mind you the weather is more December/January as of late…lol! Yet, even April showers couldn’t stop from “Winning and LMAO…Sir Charlie Sheen from “Losing” …Don’t believe me, umm hello keep reading and I’ll make you a believer…

Let the Shopping Begin!!!

Spring is here! Still need to freshen your wardrobe? Well, don’t fret. Kenyetta Greene shares some of her favorite places for retail rejuvination.

Live Life for YOU

Through social networking I often observe a veriety of things about people and their ways of thinking. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people, namely black, seem like they are more concerned with how people would look at them than what they actually think themselves.

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