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Longer Lasting Lipstick

Want spectacular looking lips every time?


It amazes me what some people will do for a few bucks and 15 minutes of fame. It amazes me more, that people who seem like they have the word at their finger tips are so freaking miserable. What it is that makes people who seem to have it all so unhappy and why do [...]

2011 Toyota Sienna XLE

In comparison to the rest, the 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE is at the head of the class. In a school full of minivans the Sienna stands out in superlative fashion as best personality, best dressed and most likely to speed.

The Art of…Friendship!

During a conversation (well, rant) A dear friend (we’ll call her “Ms. Sunshine”) said you have to TEACH [her] how to be a friend. What a crock! As if my being a friend wasn’t example enough…I want what I give. I’m sure we’ve all had our share of ups and downs with friends, but… this, by [...]

The Art of…Networking!

Networking is an art. Master it!

The Donald Gets Trumped at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Last night, Donald Trump took it on the chin from President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  There were many memorable moments, including a film montage of the President’s struggle without his beloved teleprompter, and several jabs at the GOP. Obama saved his sharpest daggers, however, for the man who claimed to be [...]

I’m in Love!!!

With summer quickly approaching, now is the time for designers to begin launching for Fall 2011.


Wow…it’s hard to believe it’s already May. Funny that even as the months move forward some of our favorite celebrities are stuck in stupid…LOL!!!!!!

2011 Spring Beauty Collections

Here are a few of the Spring Beauty Collections for 2011.

Washington’s Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter everyone.  This is one day of the year where many of us can put aside problems, and spend time with God, as well as family.  Many traditions in my family come to mind, such as a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. In Washington, the lawmakers in this country are on a hunt [...]

Save the Date: Bike to Work Day 2011

May 20th is ‘Bike to Work Day’!


My new word of the week is #Shenanigans, asking to be paid $45, 000 to host YOUR OWN PARTY…*shenanigans* …asking for $50,000 in child support and THE BABY’S NOT EVEN BORN YET … *shenanigans*… calling someone a “fag” because you’re ALL UP IN YOUR FEELINGS…. *shenanigans*… for the deets on all this weeks shenanigans and more …you know the drill “reading is fundamental”

101 Women of Hope

I’ve already made plans to “play hookie” in May. Care to join me? Come on! It’ll be FUN. On Friday, May 13th, join over 101 women (myself, included) as we take a day to give back to DC’s youth. KIPP DC 2600 Douglass Road, SE Washington, DC 20020 For more information, donation form and to register, [...]

SOP (Standard Operation Procedure)

Evan McArthur Kane aims to set the standard on standards.

Stunting Like Our Daddy’s? Will The U.S Debt Reshape Our American Dream?

The past few weeks have been a showcase for both Republican and Democratic plans to reduce our deficit. Both plans involve saving trillions of dollars, but neither would manage to balance the budget. What does that mean for the 20 and 30 somethings hoping to become wealthy and live a life of security?

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