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The E-Male Chronicles: Rejection Overruled

Let’s not fool ourselves, the fine art of seduction is one that few men will ever care–or dare–to master. We don’t teach, and consequently don’t learn how to talk to the fairer sex. Too many young men will enter adulthood without knowing how to spell or pronounce–much less define etiquette.

DC’s Top Spot Winner: Jordan’s 8

The people have spoken! With a whopping 68% of the vote, Jordan’s 8 has been selected as “April’s Top Spot” for sushi in Washington, DC. The restaurant is located in Capitol Hill at 523 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. To celebrate this honor, WHW will host a very special and exclusive event at the restaurant. Details coming soon.

WLB: Self-Reflection

All too often we want to change our circumstances, but we rarely want to change ourselves. Can you imagine the improvements we would make if we complained less and examined ourselves more?

The E-Male Chronicles: Every Single Day

I rarely use the word “Single” to describe my relationship status. In fact, I loathe the term, and I’m anxiously waiting for the extinction of such archaic indicators. In the absolute sense, every adult is either married, single or deceased. But in reality, there is always an overdose of nuance, and “It’s Complicated”.

Oh Really Poet v.33

Is it me or has this been one of the hottest summers ever? Maybe its because WHW is lighting up the streets or maybe its just the level of crazy that’s making an appearance in Hollywierd as of late. I mean really..getting sued more in jail, then when you’re free, creating fake beefs, stars making porn by the busloads, using the N-word, grown men acting like little boys, people leaking their own business. Even Queen’s are pimping. It’s crazy, but you gotta admit it’s entertaining…Enjoy! Muah!

WLB: Mistakes Are Lessons

Problems we have and mistakes we make are sometimes good at disguising themselves. They make us think that we have failed at something, and try to discourage us from positive thinking. Mistakes are simply unwise decisions caused a lack of judgment.

Hot Wheelz: 2010 Infiniti EX35 AWD

The Infiniti EX35 is like the bomb ex-lover; it’s just too pleasurable to leave alone. From the 3.5 liter engine with a touch button ignition stimulating the dashboard to the caress of the leather seats and excitable Bose sound system, it makes you want to start a new relationship…with your ride. I easily connected my BlackBerry to the Bluetooth hands-free phone system and once in drive, the Around View Monitor helped pinpoint parked cars within grazing distance.

Oh Really Poet v. 32

It must be something in the summer breeze that makes me people wild out all over the place. Like a certain femcee catching a felony, or even someone finding owe they owe Uncle Sam $11 million dollars or how about a certain celeb couple marrying to cover up a bun in the oven??.” Sit a spell, stay a while and enjoy the show…

Hot Wheelz: Chevy Camaro 2LT Coupe

Though the Transformers fetish has weaned the Camaro still has a deceptively strong appeal. It’s a muscle car with personality; one you can take to the track and flex and feel equally at ease stepping out on the town.

DC’s Top Spots: Sushi In the City

I have narrowed down the hottest spots in the District to eat one of my favorite dishes–SUSHI. But only one restaurant can emerge as the Top Spot. The winner will receive special recognition from WHW. Cast your vote today!

WLB: Success

There are different types of success, and what it means to be successful is unique to each individual. You can be successful in some areas of life, and not the others. Since no one is perfect, there isn’t a single person on earth that is completely successful in every area of life. Sometimes we make things more complicated for ourselves by allowing others to define our level of success. Don’t ever compare your life to others.

Oh Really Poet v.31 (Fully Loaded!!!)

Guess who’s back after a brief hiatus?! Did ya miss me?? Last week was some kind of week in entertainment…don’t believe this fully loaded ORP for yourself…

WLB: True Growth

People often forget that there are lessons in pain. I never forget what my hurts teach me. True Growth represents not making the same mistakes twice. If you only see a mistake or pain as that, and not a lesson, you will not be able to learn from it.

Oh Really Poet v.30

I can’t believe it’s already June, (I know some parents are thinking the same thing..LOL) Ahhh summertime, bikinis, vacations, cookouts and of course drama! How funny that the summer hasn’t officially even started and already Hollywierd is in full gossip mode.

Oh Really Poet v. 27

Am I the only one who wonders, what celebrities gossip about? Do you think they gossip about us? …LOL!!! Ok, maybe that’s stretching it. Never the less they gave us plenty to gossip about this week…from tattoos to drunk karaoke enjoy!

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