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Oh Really Poet v.22

Wow!!! This week Poet drops a load of entertainment gossip. From Chad Ochocinco lookin’ for love and Big Ben Rothlisberger sex assault allegations to the Oscars and Beyonce’s latest charity venture…You’re going to love sinking your teeth into this edition of ORP.

Oh Really Poet v.21

Tyler Perry’s NAACP acceptance speech…RHOC’s Vicky Gunvalson gets wild in Mexico…Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna…Is Whitney off the wagon?…Chelsea Handler, believe it or not…A-Rod driving while “intexticated”??…and more!!

Oh Really Poet v.21

From Comedian Kevin Hart’s “twit slip” to Tiger Woods’ press conference…This has been quite the week for celebrities airing their dirty laundry all over the place…or their dirty laundry being aired by someone else. In any case for you and I it equals pure entertainment….enjoy!!

Oh Really Poet v.20

You’ll be happy to know even the snow that hit 48 states couldn’t stop, the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics, NY Fashion Week, All Star Weekend or anywhere else your favorite celebs were making the kind of news, that keeps us JUST CURIOUS??

Oh Really Poet v. 19

Poet’s outdone herself this week. John Mayer/Playboy scandal, Super Bowl commercials, Beyonce/Tina Knowles legal troubles, Tiger Woods news, Will & Jada and the clash of the celebrity baby momma’s!! Get your weekly dose of entertainment dish with ORP!

Oh Really Poet v. 17

New Year. New Gossip. Same quality. Poet’s kicks off a new decade with a doozie!

Oh Really Poet v. 16

This week Poet’s here to spread a little holiday cheer…and a story or three about your favorite celebrities….

Oh Really Poet v. 15

Oooooh hooooo!! From Pleasure P’s molestation allegations to a certain R&B starlet’s baby bump…this week’s ORP blog is particularly juicy! Ruth’s Chris ain’t got NOTHIN’ on this!

Oh Really Poet v. 14

The best gossip in the business has the holiday. From the Tiger Woods drama to Katie Couric getting “loose” and speculation of an interesting sleepover between two hip hop giants, Poet’s got the details. Hope you’ve got an appetite for gossip because you’re about to get served!!

Oh Really Poet v.12

This week, the most talented gossip in the business serves a heaping helping. Hope you’re ready for the good the bad and the gossip!

Oh Really Poet v.11

The hills are alive with the sound of gossip…and Poet’s got her ear to the ground. From Joe Jackson, Miley Cyrus and Sammy Sosa’s drastic complexion change to Beyonce’ cheating on Jay-Z??? You be the judge of this week’s scoop…

Oh Really Poet v.10

Poet Taylor drops the Post-Halloween edition of ORP!! Check out your favorite and not so favorite celebrities all dressed up & more…

Oh Really Poet v.9

From the balloon boy hoax to the most unlikely covergirl….Poet gives up the goods in this week’s ORPl!!

Oh Really Poet v.8

Poet serves up a healthy portion of this week’s entertainment dish. Frankie’s “Code 10″ at the BET Hip Hop Awards…The Mile High Club on Oprah’s jet?…Usher’s divorce scandal & more…

Oh Really Poet v.7

Poet spills the beans this week and my what a big pot it is…From David Letterman and Matthew Knowles scandals to something both you and Kloe Kardashian might not know about Lamar Odom’s marriage proposal…

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