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Oh Really Poet v.38

Check out who’s hooking up (Brandy & Terrence J)…paying out the a$$ (Katt Williams)…wanted by the popo (Yo Gotti) and who’s doing good in the neighborhood… (Hey Darren Sharper)…read on to see who has you saying OH REALLY this time around…

Oh Really Poet v.37

I blinked and just like that Christmas decorations were popping up everywhere, the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Thanksgiving commercial was on my TV and Turkey day is officially around the corner…LOL!
I guess in the lives of our favorite celebs…tis the season to be…crazier? You don’t have to believe me…all you really have to do is keep reading and see for yourself…

Oh Really Poet v.36

As the leaves change colors, I think back to all the stories, I’ve shared here and I get excited! Why? Well my years of broadcasting have taught me , that sometimes the dirtiest deeds are done, in the privacy of ones home…LOL. So let’s get to it, we have engagements, break-ups, and all the wonderful things that continuously make you say..”Oh Really Poet?”

Oh Really Poet v. 35: The latest on the Bishop Long scandal, Lindsay, T.I., Demi & Ashton and more

Bishop Eddie Long has finally responded to the charges against him…”I ask that you pray for my wife, my children, and church. “I have never dealt with anything like this before. I have been under attack before, but everything else has been different levels and different challenges. Know that I am also praying for the families and the young men who are accusing….”

ORP Extra! VMA Recap

The 2010 VMA went down over the weekend…Chelsa Handler as host SUCKED… she wasn’t very funny and more then a few of her jokes were down right racially disrespectful. And was it me or did chick seem like she was DRUNK or HIGH out her mind?? Will.I.Am p’d people off, because it looked like he was performing in “blackface” although the mc claims otherwise. I was also kinda peeved that Nicki didn’t perform more alone! Taylor caught the wrath of every social network after her performance (seems her new single is about/dedicated to Kanye) I don’t know about anyone else but I tuned in for 5 performances honestly…

Oh Really Poet v. 34

Viva La FOOTBALL season…yes I’m excited…LOL! Kiddies back in school…ahhhh the end of summer…time to bring in the fall follies. After a summer of countless sex tapes, arrests, divorces, marriages and other juicy scandals…what?? #dontjudgeme…left more then a few wondering how do celebs manage to cram so much drama into a day? So is being busted with cocaine the new way to reinstate your career? Or leaking a sex tape that instead of giving you 15minutes of fame, might now end your NFL dreams? Oh you messy huh? Find out who just lost one and who survived another round in the 24 hour reality show I call…Hollyhood…

Oh Really Poet EXTRA: Wyclef Speaks

It’s official..Wyclef Jean’s presidential bid has been rejected. News that WHW readers got 3 days early courtesy of my OhReallyPoet Blog at Wyclef released the following statement, regarding the situation…..

Oh Really Poet v.33

Is it me or has this been one of the hottest summers ever? Maybe its because WHW is lighting up the streets or maybe its just the level of crazy that’s making an appearance in Hollywierd as of late. I mean really..getting sued more in jail, then when you’re free, creating fake beefs, stars making porn by the busloads, using the N-word, grown men acting like little boys, people leaking their own business. Even Queen’s are pimping. It’s crazy, but you gotta admit it’s entertaining…Enjoy! Muah!

Oh Really Poet v. 32

It must be something in the summer breeze that makes me people wild out all over the place. Like a certain femcee catching a felony, or even someone finding owe they owe Uncle Sam $11 million dollars or how about a certain celeb couple marrying to cover up a bun in the oven??.” Sit a spell, stay a while and enjoy the show…

Oh Really Poet v.31 (Fully Loaded!!!)

Guess who’s back after a brief hiatus?! Did ya miss me?? Last week was some kind of week in entertainment…don’t believe this fully loaded ORP for yourself…

Oh Really Poet v.30

I can’t believe it’s already June, (I know some parents are thinking the same thing..LOL) Ahhh summertime, bikinis, vacations, cookouts and of course drama! How funny that the summer hasn’t officially even started and already Hollywierd is in full gossip mode.

Oh Really Poet v. 27

Am I the only one who wonders, what celebrities gossip about? Do you think they gossip about us? …LOL!!! Ok, maybe that’s stretching it. Never the less they gave us plenty to gossip about this week…from tattoos to drunk karaoke enjoy!

Oh Really Poet v. 26

Seems the hotter it gets the crazier Hollyhood gets. This week there were management changes and parents using their children to relay death threats??? Read below to get the good, the bad and the ugly on your favorites celebs. I know you’re just as curious as I am!

Oh Really Poet v. 24

The first taste of warm weather 2010 has certainly bought out the LOLS! I’m also beginning to believe my friend who says the heat brings out the crazy. Fathers calling press conferences to talk about their daughters “habits”, not to mention trying to blame the deceased for their death..and we ain’t talking about suicide either. Yeah, the heat definitely brings the drama-naughty! <~ yup another word I made up..lmbo just keep reading.

Oh Really Poet v. 23

I love this time of year, when the sun keeps your company longer and the breeze tickles the back of your neck. At the same time, there’s just something about the springtime that also brings the crazy out don’t believe me? Keep reading! :c)

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