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  As if all the BBQ I could eat wasn’t enough of an incentive to be in the most festive of moods this Fourth of July holiday. I knew part of my holiday weekend included seeing Kid Cudi bless the stage at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. The last time I saw Cudi perform was in [...]

N.E.R.D. and PacDiv Rock Sonar Baltimore

Love and Rockets to Coors Light and EOEntertainment for extending a welcomed invitation to WHW, to check out the ”Coors Light: Search for the Coldest concert. Sonar Baltimore was the place to be with bottles and bottles of Coors Light, “Coors Coldest Trivia” and live performances by PacDiv and N.E.R.D.


It amazes me what some people will do for a few bucks and 15 minutes of fame. It amazes me more, that people who seem like they have the word at their finger tips are so freaking miserable. What it is that makes people who seem to have it all so unhappy and why do [...]


Wow…it’s hard to believe it’s already May. Funny that even as the months move forward some of our favorite celebrities are stuck in stupid…LOL!!!!!!


My new word of the week is #Shenanigans, asking to be paid $45, 000 to host YOUR OWN PARTY…*shenanigans* …asking for $50,000 in child support and THE BABY’S NOT EVEN BORN YET … *shenanigans*… calling someone a “fag” because you’re ALL UP IN YOUR FEELINGS…. *shenanigans*… for the deets on all this weeks shenanigans and more …you know the drill “reading is fundamental”

Oh Really Poet v.48

April showers bring May flowers huh?? Well all I’ve seen as of late is the showers and the life & times of our favorite extended family members and crazy uncles have once again not disappointed. It was raining shenanigans, ridiculousness and OMGEES this week, I mean rappers pushing chicks outta moving cares, secret love affairs exposed, President Obama losing one of his biggest endorsers…Read on at your own risk…

Oh Really Poet v.47

Imagine my surprise when I looked at the calendar and realized it was already April!!!! Mind you the weather is more December/January as of late…lol! Yet, even April showers couldn’t stop from “Winning and LMAO…Sir Charlie Sheen from “Losing” …Don’t believe me, umm hello keep reading and I’ll make you a believer…

Oh Really Poet v.46

Only in America can someone break a window one day and have a number one the next. In the land of Hollywierd, I’m finding even I can still be surprised and after reading what shenanigans your favorite family members have been up to, you’ll find that you can too…

Oh Really Poet v.45

As we patiently wait for the beauty that is spring, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ear to the ground, to be the know, who’s winning: Beyonce’, who’s losing: John Galliano, who’s lost it *cough* 50Cent and who should just stop it all together, yeah I’m talking about you crazed Bieber fans…

Oh Really Poet v. 44

Don’t I feel energized from a well deserved vacation and my oh my how the celebs have played while the Just Curious were away. Naked blondes running rampant, LA face tattoos, celeb spawns playing with snowmen *in my Jeezy voice* and that’s only a glance at the shenanigans that are Springing us forward…enjoy!

That’s amore’, or is it? Best celebrity couples and worst break ups.

For this week’s Love issue, Hollywood gossip Poet Taylor lists the top 10 successful celebrity couples and reminds us of the 10 worst break ups.

Love faces: celebrity sex scandals captured and exposed

Whether self-published or leaked by a scorned lover or a “friend”, many of our favorite celebrities have been captured and exposed in compromising positions. This special edition of Oh Really Poet, lists some of the most famous and little known celebrity sex scandals.

Oh Really Poet v. 41

Even thousands of dead birds and fish didn’t stop our favorite Hollywierd familia from their normal shenanigans. Look at who needs a damn watch (Lauryn Hill), who’s just sex partners (Rihanna), who’s pleading guilty… (Lawrence Taylor 0_0), who’s breaking down at concerts (Usher) and who’s losing in love (awwww Kevin Hart)…

Oh Really Poet v.40

Eventhough we’re only in the second week of the new year, Hollyhood has already seen its share of shenanigans, from naked pictures of Malik to Omarion breaking the door off the closet…prepare to be entertained……

Oh Really Poet v. 39

If you thought the holiday season, would stop our extended family from acting a fool, think again. Look at who’s hooking up, letting go, getting punked and just wilding out all together in this edition of the “Oh Really Poet” blog…

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