As if all the BBQ I could eat wasn’t enough of an incentive to be in the most festive of moods this Fourth of July holiday. I knew part of my holiday weekend included seeing Kid Cudi bless the stage at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. The last time I saw Cudi perform was in Baltimore at the Hippodrome, October of last year. I hazily remember the concert as I caught quite the 420 contact from fellow concertgoers…LOL! I walked away thinking; I had just experienced the kind of show my parents did back in the 70’s…I also walked away an even bigger Cudi fan. Regardless of the asshole persona he displays in interviews, he loves his fans and gives his all during performance.
Now fast forward to a VERY humid day in Columbia, MD 2011, I arrived at the Merriweather Post Pavilion around 5:00pm and was amazed at the line that was so long, it literally ended in the parking lot. (keep in mind, it’s a good 7-10min walk from the parking field to the entrance gate & doors didn’t open until 6:30pm) I made small talk, with the people I passed as I made my way to the media check-in and took in, just how diverse a Cudi crowd is. I had noticed this at last year concert as well, you had preps, gangstas, cool kids, rockers, goths, punks, barbies, hip-hop lovers, a rainbow of colors, ages and of course some lonely and not so lonely stoners who were already partaking in their ummmm “festivities”…LOL!
 Once I was all checked in, I was taken back stage to a waiting area where, I could do nothing but wait for my name to be called to interview the one and only Kid Cudi. Sidebar: Shoutout to Stacey Palmer, Lyntina Townsend and Quianne Perrin for inviting WHW to cover “The CUD Life Tour”, which allowed me to walk up to a random person and gift them with my tickets J


After waiting back stage for what seemed like forever but was really only about an hour, I was informed that my interview with Kid Cudi wasn’t going to happen. The promoters however made his tour opener “Chip tha Ripper” available for interviews in lieu of Cudi. (I almost had a Kanye/Taylor Swift moment when that was announced…LOL! I would find out later that Cudi had been on his tour bus since arriving at 3pm that day O_o! Word was he had been kind of anti-social all afternoon too. *shrugs* I’ve been there) Now, I have heard some of Chip’s music, since he’s on a few cuts with Cudi, Big Sean and his appearance on Hi-Tek’s “Hi-Teknology 3.” Being the fan of music that I am, I packed up my Cudi questions *tears*, and commenced to researching “Chip tha Ripper” a.k.a. Charles Worth. Mixing what I knew with what I learned, I sat down with the Cleveland MC and talked making it, Cleveland, the recently released “Gift Raps” and the forthcoming compliation album”The Almighty GloryUS, where him & Cudi get their ”best of both worlds on…LOL!  Chip tha Ripper is most certainly a “cool kid” indeed. Once we parted ways, I made my way inside the venue to check out the “Cud Life Tour” live.
The first to hit the stage was DJ SYLO (Sort Your Life Out), prior to the introduction at Merriweather, I had never heard of or seen SYLO perform. All I’m going to say is, damn have I been missing out. His energy was so ridiculous; it seemed to literally infect the entire audience. SYLO mixed everything from Nas to Kreayshawn. There was, stomping, dancing, screaming, and smoking as he mixed an eclectic blend of old school, hip hop, funk, r &b, and even some dubstep. (dubstep: genre of electronic dance music that has its roots in London’s early 2000s UK garage scene) All in all, I was very impressed with DJ SYLO’s set and interaction with the crowd…He definitely set the tone for the “CUD Life Tour.” Dude even planked during his set…LOL! Follow SYLO on Twitter: @DeeJaySYLO or get more info at
 Next up was Chip tha Ripper. The crowd went into a frenzy when the lights dimmed and Chip glided out on stage, seriously dude is that smooth. Normally opening acts are received with the cold shoulder but the crowd knew Chip and sang right along with the Cleveland MC as he took you on a musical and marijuana filled ride. He performed joints from his “The Cleveland Show, Independence Day & his most recently released Gift Raps Mixtape.” As well as hitting a few bars from his EP “From Me, To You (The Prelude to Gift Raps).” You can tell based on the above interview, and the video of his performance, he’s still learning the art of commanding a crowd & owning the stage but all in all, it was a great addition to the show and left you wanting more from the up and coming MC. After Chip left the stage we were given a mini-intermission while the Kid Cudi’s LIVE BAND set up. Don’t care what anyone says; bands just make an experience better to me. The sound of live instruments verses recorded tracks, is like Fillet Mingion verses Hamburger Helper…LOL! Both great in their own right but still J . PS…Get to know Chip tha Ripper via Twitter @Chip216 and   
 So after a much-needed potty break and drink run, the Merriweather Post Pavilion lights went down once more and BOOM! Kid Cudi was officially in the building. At 27, Cudi who both raps and sings, has sky rocketed to the head of the game, thanks in part to experimentation and mixing of hip-rock and a little something rager-rific! Through thought-provoking lyrics and a willingness to take risks where other artist don’t or just won’t, its no wonder that in a year Kid Cudi went from opening act (Monster Ball Tour) to headliner. The beat drops and the crowd goes bananas as Cudi kicks off his set with a joint from his newest release “Man On the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager” “RevOfEv’” (Revolution Of Evolution), from there we were blessed with a passionate rendition of ‘Scott Mescudi vs the World.” After performing those to the delight of the 8,500 plus fans in the audience (who had started chanting his name prior to him hitting the stage), Cudi paused, to explain to everyone in attendance the rules of engagement when one is at a Kid Cudi show. Simply put, no bullsh*t because ain’t nobody pay for a ticket for you to screw up their experience, enjoy your self and be prepared to be involved because this isn’t his show…its our show! With that Cudi went into, what has to be one of my favorites joints ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ off his debut album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day.”
From there Cudi fed us, what can only be described as a musical Gumbo, seasoned to perfection with a live band, weaving through a set list, that any Cudi fan could be proud of. Cudi performed Mr. Solo Dolo, Pursuit of Happiness and even Up Up and Away among others from his debut album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” He also took a moment to revisit bangers from his “A Kid Named Cudi” Mixtape, while also feeding us from his most recent release “Man On the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.” From Manic to Mr. Rager to Ghost (see full set list at the end of article to see exactly what you missed out on…LOL!) the energetic crowd that was gathered at the Merriweather Post Pavilion came for a show and got one. He even bought Chip tha Ripper out for a crowd-pleasing performance of Hyerr & All Talk.
My favorite moment of the night hands down, was when Cudi performed his rendition of Jim Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” and at the end of the show when he performed “Mucho Megamix.” (an amazeballs mash-up of “Cudi Zone” + “Memories” + “Day N Nite Remixed) I came to this show a Kid Cudi fan; I left a friend/fan of Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi. Get to Kid Cudi via Twitter @wizardcud or

 PS…Here’s the set-list I promised you…
‘Scott Mescudi vs the World’
‘Soundtrack to My Life’
‘Mojo So Dope’
‘We Aite’
‘Mr. Solo Dolo’
‘Up, Up and Away
‘Man on the Moon’
‘Maui Wowie’
‘Erase Me’
‘All Talk’
‘I Never Knew You’
‘Hey Joe’
‘All of the Lights’
‘Mr. Rager’
‘Pursuit of Happiness’
 Til we meet again…xoxo Poet :)

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