#AATC My life (ok moment) as a runway model [Video]

#AATC My life (ok moment) as a runway model [Video]

by April Watts (Photo by  Mike Fewell/Silver Spring Patch)

Glynn Jackson, the “maven of everything fabulous,”  has already made an indelible mark on the hair industry with the highly acclaimed Golden Scissors Awards.  Recently, he set out to bring his unique brand of fab to the bridal industry with the first annual Bridal Fanfare. 

Hundreds came out to the Silver Spring Civic Center seeking stylish options for their wedding ceremonies.   From make-overs and photography to ice scultpting and floral arrangements, Bridal Fanfare was a one-stop shop for fashionable brides and savvy wedding planners.

According to the experts, the two most important features of any wedding are the cake and the bridal gown.   So there’s no surprise the biggest attractions of Fanfare were the runway shows for Couture Miss and Lefty’s Bridal.

Lefty’s Bridal is my go to boutique for red carpet events.  I was caught off guard during my last visit when Lefty asked me to model one of her pieces in Bridal Fanfare.  I thought Lefty had lost her mind.  I’m petite and not exactly coordinated, so Wilhelmina won’t be calling me anytime soon.  But Lefty said she wanted her show to reflect real brides of all shapes and sizes.  She also assured me that she and her team would  give me a crash course on ripping the runway.  With that, I took a deep breath and entered into unchartered territory.

Here’s footage from Lefty’s Bridal at Glynn Jackson’s Bridal Fanfare 2011.   You’ll find me in a short, strapless piece about 3 minutes and 40 seconds into the video.  I didn’t fall on my face so I consider the experience a success!  While I don’t plan on moving to New York to become a runway model, I’m really glad I did this.  I commend all the real models that worked the catwalk with beauty, style and grace.  Their job isn’t an easy one.    Thanks Lefty’s Bridal for encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone.  Try stepping outside yours today!

April Watts
Journalist :: On-Air Personality :: Pop Culture Analyst

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