[Photos] Art Crimes | Recidivism | The Return

[Photos] Art Crimes | Recidivism | The Return

by April Watts

The Dunes and Art Crimes presents DC’s Violetta Markelou exhibiting a series of subtly sexy fashion photography.  The artist masterfully engages the viewer in a 1940′s nostalgic fantasy. 

It’s evident that each element of the  photopraphs was carefully planned and perfectly executed.  While some photographers take pictures, Violetta Markelou is without question an artist.      

Statement by artist: “I’m not interested in presenting reality with my fashion photography. Rather,
I want to take the viewer into a world of fantasy where the light is always flattering and the wardrobe is timelessly elegant. I want to live in a world of beauty and I want to share this dream and make it accessible. With this series of photographs I want that world to be transported into your home where you are seduced into creating your own fantasy.”

The exhibit displays through June 16th at 1402 Meridian Place NW, Washington DC.   

View photos from the opening reception.

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