N.E.R.D. and PacDiv Rock Sonar Baltimore

N.E.R.D. and PacDiv Rock Sonar Baltimore

by Poet Taylor

Love and Rockets to Coors Light and EOEntertainment for extending a welcomed invitation to WHW, to check out the ”Coors Light: Search for the Coldest concert. Sonar Baltimore was the place to be with bottles and bottles of Coors Light, “Coors Coldest Trivia” and live performances by PacDiv and N.E.R.D.

If you’ve never been to Sonar, it oozes Hip-Hop/Rock from the walls. The set –up was lovely…3 different djs, mixing their own, “Coors Light Cold Mix”. DJ Reddz, DJ PDrama and DJ Infame kept the crowd hype as fans got comfortable. I made it to the Sonar just in time to see PACDIV his the stage, I’m just becoming familiar but their energized and interactive set, has me difinately interested to see what their album brings to the Hip-Hop genere. PacDiv (http://itspacdiv.com/blog/) consisting of brothers, Like and Mibbs, along side their brother from another BeYoung. It’s easy to see why magazines like Source, XXL, Billboard, and Rolling Stones took notice of the talented trio, a while ago. Their music is a testament of why they are on tour with N.E.R.D, why Universal Motown Records signed them and why their debut release, Grown Kid Syndrome can’t be released fast enough.

The transition from PacDiv’s set to N.E.R.D (http://n-e-r-d.com/) was effortless thanks to the host and the djs being on point, the NERDArmy was happy and ready to get it in. My only complaint, were those damn lights on stage. They made picture taking horrible and well video…um…LOL! The N.E.R.D. set was a roller coaster of hits, energy, sweat, and the sexiness that only Pharell (sorry …Chad and Shae…LOL) can bring. They went back and gave the crowd past hits and verses, but the show really started to blow, when they started performing tracks from the “Nothing” album, that’s out now.  Even I went wild when the beat dropped for Hypnotize U. I will say the best part of the show for me, was when, N.E.R.D., tricked out a Baltimore Club song (Mr. Postman) to the delight of the Bmore fans. Whichever MC lands the opening gig, for N.E.R.D at Essence better come ready to go to performance war. Last night, even after 11 years in the game…Coors Light and N.E.R.D. proved No-one Ever Really Dies Tires of good music….

For the “JUST CURIOUS”, the Coors Light: Search for the Coldest contest kicked off back in March. The last MC standing wins the title of “Coldest” MC in the country, $10,000 worth of studio time with Universal Music plus gets to open for PACDIV and  N.E.R.D. at the Essence Music Festival, July 2nd in New Orleans.

After artists submitted their entries online, fans were then giving the gruesome task of narrowing over 200 plus entries to a talented top ten. The top ten were then placed in the hands of judges: Bryan Michael Cox, DJ Khaled, and PacDiv, who picked the ”Coors Light: Search for the Coldest final four consisting of:
OMG  – http://www.facebook.com/musicbyomg?sk=app_178091127385#!/musicbyomg?sk=wall
Olalekan (Producer, Pianist), G.C (Producer, Guitarist) and Mojeed (Vocalist, Song-Writer).
From Brooklyn, NY, gave an amazing performance in NYC on May 31,OMG says there style is Alternative Hip-Hop, Afro-beat, Criolla and Pop.

PYINFAMOUS  – http://www.pyinfamous.com/
Hailing from Clarksdale and Crystal Springs, Mississippi respectively. Py will tell anyone willing to lend an ear, he is more then an MC, for one he graduated Cum Laude from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Marketing and Management, his work is an intoxicating blend of intelligence, humor and wit.

BILLA CAMP – http://www.billacamp.com/billacamp.com/Bio.html
Inspired by California Skate Culture, Hollywood, & the Record Business (hey this words…lol) Although he hails Chi-town, Billa was born in NYC and admits openly, that his music is a gumbo created from the influence of all the genres of  music he loves and has been influenced by. If he looks familiar, you may remember him form Lupe’s “Kick Push” video or as the opening act for Talib Kweli, The Roots and even Wiz Khalifa.

ECLECTIC APPROACH – http://www.eclecticapproach.com/
Positive message backed by amazeballs music and killer live show. Eclectic Approach is all about serving people the kind of music that’s a soundtrack for great times and hopefully leaves them feeling better about life. Originally conceived as a hip-hop group, but  evolved into so much more…EA, Jowed, ryan, Justin and Brian EA’s sound is truly one of a kind

On June 10, voting will open for the final round of the Coors Light Search for the Coldest MC competition… you can vote at http://www.searchforthecoldest.com/
And remember for all things DC… www.whwweb.com …xoxo Poet

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