Candy Rocks Proves One Sweet Family Affair

Candy Rocks Proves One Sweet Family Affair

On the weekend of Saturday June 18, upstart daddy blog, decided to make its mission and efforts of creating better images of fathers public by hosting an event called Candy Rocks at Liv Nightclub atop the historic Bohemian Caverns.  Sponsored by the Law Offices of Duane O. King, Candy Rocks was promoted as a family fun day and was all that and more.

Upon entering you were greeted to a disarming smile from a  young lady of Filipino descent who reminded parents to stay in the building with your children and directed families to the first level,”Candyland” to drop children.  This floor was literally a wonderland of vibrant decorations complete with a large dance floor, high tables fashioned as lollipops, and areas designated for face painting, mini-makeovers, temporary tattoos and a little lady nail salon presented by BeLoved Nail Spa.   The club setting was completely transformed and softened; the largest example of which was the bar.  The liquor bottles normally in plain view were curtained off and what was a cash bar became the  ”Candy Bar” with candy all over it and little plastic cups for kids to get their fill and move thru out the party.

“I’ve clubbed at Liv so I was completely floored,” said one of the fathers in attendance, Chimarlo Bexley.  ”I called my brother after I checked it and told him to bring his kids.  So they came too.”

After kids were dropped on the first level, arrows and a sign that read, “Parent Trap,” lead to the top loft.  On the top floor was nostalgic candy for adults like Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, as well as games to play like Uno.  Parents could partake in drinks from the real bar and a brunch menu.  Not to neglect the adults of services, Daddyscool provided complimentary massages given by the Pampering Junkies.

Back in Candyland, event sponsor Rita’s Italian Ice (1014 H St NE) stopped by to hand out complimentary ices to all while the kid’s favorite Justin Bieber and Beyonce tunes were being played by an 11-year old girl, DJ Skate.  Next up, GyenYame (10 years old) hit the stage to perform a song about his basketball team which was followed by a free-for-all on stage for the kids to dance and sing their hearts out called “LolliPOP Stars.”

The event ended with give-a-ways to the parents from sponsor Divine2Wear apparel and a presentation of a Reese’s cup themed birthday cake to the son and daughter of two of DaddysCool co-founders Cameron Poles and Mike Tucker. The multi-generational events brought together grand parents, great grands, mommies and daddies.  DaddysCool also presented the importance of bringing families together and the integral role that dads need to play in the lives of their children.

“We had a ball Saturday,” said Kristen Wheeler who attended with her two God daughters.  ”I don’t know if it’s possible, but you all should do it once a month.”

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