ARTventures on H

ARTventures on H: (Art) walk and dine (around)

In February, we got “artsy-fartsy” with ARTventures on H! Now, its Summertime and — once again – CHAMPS – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce and H Street Main Street sponsor ARTventures on H.

On Thursday, June 30th, ARTventures on H allows you to take a trip in the heart of the H Street Corridor.

A Summer staycation that will make for many stamps in your “passport”.

Passport? Yep! Guests will receive a passport to be stamped at stops along the Art Walk. Each punch received gives you an extra 2% discount at any of the Dine Around spots. So grab your passport and get a move-on!

The Art Walk: 5:30-8pm

The Dine Around (7-9:30pm)

There’s no set order, so you can begin and end wherever you’d like. (Dine) here, (art walk) there. The choice is yours.

New venues will be added, so stay tuned for real time updates!

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Recap: Show up. Get ”passport”. Dine around. Have fun.

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