Are Daily Deal Vouchers Embarrassing to Use?

MY answer: not at all.

For as long as I can recall, I have always been a coupon-clipping/savings card-carrying/frugalista shopper, so these sites (some of which have matching apps) help out a lot. If anything, I’m proud — and glad — that I’m able to find such great deals without much effort. I’m never embarrassed to save a buck…or more. In some cases, referring a few other folks will waive your deal cost.

How cool is that?

So far, I’m a proud participant of the following sales sites:

You can sign up for deals in your area, as well as other metropolitan areas (Atlanta, New York, etc.), so you can save while you’re on travel. Savings include things fit for everyone — male or female — who enjoy fine dining, beauty/skin care regimens, hotel accomodations and family-friendly activities. Savings range from 25%-80%, depending on the site.

So, tell me…are YOU ever ashamed to use savings vouchers/coupons? Why? Why not?

Check out Susannah Edelbaum’s blog post titled Is Groupon Embarrassing to Use? | The High Low for her take on the whole daily savings thing.

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