The Art of…Networking!

The Art of…Networking!

’tis the season for Spring and Summertime networking events.

Are you ready?

Here are just a few BASIC things that I’ve learned while attending (or planning) a networking event:

Socialize! Sure, you arrived alone. You’re nervous. You don’t know ANYONE (or the one person you DO know is busy working/setting up the room). You’re just getting started with your business. You’re shy. Now’s your chance to be brave. Be bold. Introduce yourself to someone else whose all alone — and just as nervous as you are. You’d be surprised at what a simple “hello, my name is …” can bring. I’ve met some of the BEST people that way.

Take plenty of business cards! Its a quick and easy way to be remembered, if you can’t stay long or just don’t have much to say (yet). Hand over a card and say “Let’s do lunch soon!”

In case you run out of business cards…connect on your fav social media site (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) real-time.

Follow up! Don’t let those business cards collect dust. If you’re not a “phone person”, just send an “it was nice to meet you…” email. It shows that you’re really interested in keeping in touch.

Of course, there’s much more to business, but these are just the beyond basics of it all. After awhile, you’ll begin to see some of the same people (who will then introduce you to new people) and you’ll have a recognized face and  name. The beat goes on!

Happy networking!

L. Denise
Event Columnist

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