President Obama: In a Race With Himself

President Obama: In a Race With Himself

While Republican’s scramble to find a challenger to unseat President Obama, there really is only one person who can defeat him in 2012:

President Obama.

In 2009, he was inaugurated into office with a full plate of issues:  a terrible recession, high unemployment, 2 wars overseas.  Fast forward to 2011, and the economy is slowly but surely improving, troops have started withdrawing from Iraq, and Osama Bin Laden has been killed.  What could kill the President’s reelection campaign, however is high unemployment.

The debt crisis is real, and so is the fact that our economy, especially the housing market, will take several more years to get back on track.  What President Obama has accomplished, like it or not, is impressive.  That means nothing, however, if people can’t pay their bills and support their families.

Looking at the Republican field of contenders, there is no standout.  When Donald Trump is commanding the majority of attention, you know that the GOP is short on substance.  No matter who they nominate for the presidency, he or she will not pose as big of a threat to President Obama as his own list of campaign promises.  He has fulfilled plenty of them, but much remains unfinished.  He alluded to creating jobs his number one priority earlier in the year, but spending cuts, the debt ceiling, and most recently the war of terror have stolen the spotlight.  He still has time to convince the public he is worthy of another term, but he must pivot back to jobs, and quickly.

At this point, he is in a race with himself, but Republicans still can cling to the unemployment rate as a silver lining to pushing him out of office.  If it does not go down in the next year, it may not matter who runs against him, voters will look to the candidate to bring change that they can believe in, to their bank accounts.

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