Longer Lasting Lipstick

Longer Lasting Lipstick

Ever put on your favorite lipstick just for it to “be gone”  after having a drink?  I’m asked all the time, “how can I get my lipstick to last longer?”  Here are few tips I have up my sleeve to help make it last.


Make sure you apply your lip color to clean, dry lips.  The biggest mistake people tend to make is applying a moisturizer prior to putting on their lip color……that’s a no-no!  It definitely does not create a base for a good hold to last.


Apply a lip liner to the whole lip, not just line the lip, before applying your lipstick.  Make sure the liner is the same shade or in the family of the lip color you’re applying.  Liners tend to have a lasting power!


Once you apply the lip color, set it a few times with a translucent powder to achieve a lasting lip color.  *Note: this will not work for lipgloss*


There are all kinds of long lasting lipstick options.   You must follow the directions to make it last as promise.

Always know that lip gloss will not last as long, but once you get your lip color on, you may want to follow up with a gloss in the same shade.

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