Washington’s Easter Egg Hunt

Washington’s Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter everyone.  This is one day of the year where many of us can put aside problems, and spend time with God, as well as family.  Many traditions in my family come to mind, such as a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt.

In Washington, the lawmakers in this country are on a hunt of their own: To find answers to the problems that plague our nation.  Sometimes we as Americans wonder what exactly they are doing with our tax dollars, and why.  They are all, in a sense, scrambling around the yard, looking for eggs filled with solutions.  Fixing the economy?  Must be somewhere in the sandbox.  Our debt crisis?  Check under the deck.  The Libya conflict?  Hmm, check inside the gutter.

I compare our issues in this way because sometimes that is all it seems to be to the politicians that WE put in office:  A game.  Run around the issues, hide the facts from us, and take their power too seriously.

President Obama has taken heat in the past week over his poll numbers slipping, but his approval rate is almost double that of Congress in most polls.  There is something to be said for that.  We elect leaders to represent us, it is what makes our country great.  If they aren’t doing their job, they can be replaced.  Put me in the middle of the Easter Egg Hunt and I will spend all day in the yard, looking for one egg in particular:  Term limits.

Happy Easter everyone, God Bless.

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