[Update] Korto Momolu returns home after 23 years to design for Amani Liberia

[Update] Korto Momolu returns home after 23 years to design for Amani Liberia

International fashion designer, Korto Momolu, will return to her home country of Liberia, in May 2011, accompanied by her public relations manager Leonard T. DeShield, Jr., to show a 27-piece collection designed specifically for Amani Liberia’s “Sankofa Fashion Show,” to be held Saturday, May 14, 2011 at City Hall in Monrovia.

Amani Liberia asked Momolu to represent Liberian women, because the fashion designer and stylist is living proof of the potential women have to develop their talents and be immense sources of innovation and strength. The word Sankofa means “looking back but moving forward,” which is Amani’s vision and Liberia’s reality.

“Amani Liberia’s goal is to create the opportunity for women to work with dignity and respect,” explains Amani Liberia Creative Director, Stephanie Myers. “Amani Liberia provides a place where women can earn an income for themselves and their families.”

Amani ya JuuAmani Liberia is a nonprofit organization that teaches Liberian women how to create, market and manage businesses

Korto Momolu at the Cinderella Foundation's Fashion With A Purpose. Photo: Realistic Art Photography

 through textiles and sewing. Women grow in value and self respect while living in harmony and working together. To date, Amani ya Juu has helped hundreds of women.

“My vision is for these women to be self sufficient,” said Momolu. “I want them to be independent enough to stand on their own. It makes sense for me to go to them and be a part of this, because with these women, they are me and I am them. They can look at me and say it’s possible because she is like us. We’re the same cloth.”



WHW Editor April Watts caught up with Korto during the Obama inaugural weekend.  In part 1 of this extended interview, Korto talks about her family being exiled from Liberia and her excitement at the thought of returning.

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