Live Life for YOU

Live Life for YOU

by Qualamiya Hall / Diverse Gems 

Through social networking I often observe a veriety of things about people and their ways of thinking. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people, namely black, seem like they are more concerned with how people would look at them than what they actually think themselves. We have GOT to stop this. Your life is your life, and you have to deal with every decision you make, not anyone else. It is never okay to do or not do something based on how someone will judge you. I want to ask all of my brothers and sisters to take some time and reflect on times we have done this, because we all have at least once before. The challenge is to learn to not let that get in the way of our own FREEDOM. Ask yourself, how will me being concerned about their opinion benefit me? If there is no benefit, DO YOU! Never allow another to dictate your life, in any form or fashion.

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