Les ‘Nü Revolution’

Les ‘Nü Revolution’

If you’ve ever been to Marvin on a Monday night, you already what happens. Somewhere around 9 o’clock the crowd turns out and the volume gets turned up to gives way to a melange of music masterfully mixed to make to move the masses that jam the upstairs lounge. If you’ve ever put on a Les Nubians album, you know what happens then too. With every composition, the Faussart sisters, Hélène and Célia, wring out your tensions and swing your pendulum toward a contemplative, head-nodding calm. It is mood music—and much more. The listening party for their latest project, Nü Revolution, was the perfect  appetizer of cool to ease into the heat of DJ Jahsonic’s soul-stirring, sweat-inducing set aptly branded, ‘The Main Ingredient’.

Those familiar with the breadth of Les Nubians’ catalog will not be disappointed. And if the diverse crowd of discerning listeners at Marvin are any indication, there will many new converts with this album. Nü Revolution is an easy listen but don’t mistake it for just another groove-filled lounge soundtrack. The bilingual (English and French) vocals are soulful and the lyrics are penetrating. The sibling duo were willing hosts to droves of supporters that packed both floors (and the rooftop beer garden) of the ever-popular venue at 14th Street and U Street. Nearly everyone walked away with a smiles, hugs, laughs, autographs, photographs or a combination thereof. The presser began well before sunset so it was a nice surprise to see to Célia strolling out behind me after last call to chat for a few more minutes and take one last pose for the road (see photo below).

Some artists go to the well and pull-up fresh water for material. Other artists dive in the well and bathe themselves in it. One listen to Nü Revolution quickly reminds you that Les Nubians have again chosen the latter method.

Nü Revolution is available now on iTunes and Amazon and everywhere.

Evan with Celia Faussart of Les Nubians

Special thanks to Kat of LiL SoSo Productions and Christine of Lunchbox Theory for accommodating the introduction.

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