Words To Live By: communication is key

Words To Live By: communication is key

by Qualamiya Hall /Diverse GEMS (Photo from Examiner)

Words can either hurt or heal. If you are not aware of someone’s intention, you may take their words out of context or become skeptical about what they’re saying. More importantly, at times we forget that communication is not always about what a person is saying verbally. Sometimes what isn’t being said is the most important part of communication. Their body language and tone make up most of their message. Giving someone your full attention as they speak is not only respectful; it allows you to understand their message in its entirety. If you are generating a response as they’re speaking, you can’t possibly be listening. You should listen to what they’re saying, and allow them to finish before you begin to speak. Treat that person as you would like them to treat you when you speak to them. Part of communication is giving proper feedback, and that feedback can only be as accurate as the way the message was interpreted.

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