Words To Live By:  positive change

Words To Live By: positive change

by Qualamiy Hall (Diverse GEMS )
Photo from Colour Lovers

Often times, we have more advice on what other people need to change than ourselves. That is because we do not see ourselves the same way as others do. But when told how we can better ourselves, what do we do with this information? Do we shrug it off as a mere ‘judgment’, or do we take heed and become more aware of our actions? Sometimes it is bigger than our actions, which makes some things harder to change than others. It is easy to say “I’ve always been this way” or “This is how I am.” The challenge is to take that part of yourself and see what you can do to change it to become a better person. To do this, there are 3 things you should understand:

1. Personal change begins at the level of thought.
2. Personal change is produced at the level of action.
3. Personal change is maintained at the level of habit.

If you know these key points, you will be more aware of yourself and your behavior. Remember: Everything changes. Some we have control over, some we don’t. But one thing we can control, is how much we can change OURSELVES.

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