Should the US be involved in Libya’s civil war?

Should the US be involved in Libya’s civil war?

by Chris McDonald (Photo from The Telegraph)

So by now, everyone has heard about what is going on in Libya;   Civil War, freedom on the line, another chance to remove a dictator from power.  Sounds like another chance for the United States to jump right in, beat our chests and save the day, right? 

Not quite.  President Obama decided to sidestep Congress and launch air strikes into Libya, with no clearly defined mission other than to protect thousands of people from being killed by the government.  Is this interference necessary?  If the goal is not to defeat Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi, should we have even entered the battle?  Let me know with your votes:

Should President Obama have involved the United States in Libya?

  • Yes, The United States is responsible for protecting democracy around the world (58%)
  • No, The United States must focus on saving it's own country before rescuing others (42%)
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My Thoughts:

This is a tough scenario, because President Obama looks to be trying to do as little as possible, while still preserving the lives of Libyan civilians who would otherwise have been killed by a ruthless dictator.  Either way, he is the fall guy.  Do nothing, and face backlash from both sides of the aisle.  He decided to intervene, and he now faces backlash from both sides of the aisle.  Must be fun being the leader of the free world.

Obama has done what George Bush could not: show restraint with our military forces.  Launching air strikes may not sit well with most people, but the goal is not to involve ourselves in another war that will takes years to complete, suck billions of dollars from taxpayers, and risk lives of the men and women who serve and protect us.  The fact is we simply can’t afford to help every country in the world, especially in a time when Americans are simply struggling to get back to living the way they were before we entered into two wars.  The world may never be safe again from terrorism, and there will always be people looking to destroy what America is.  We can certainly make our presence felt without having to be the elephant in the room, and my hope is that the President’s stance on Libya is the beginning of a shift away from saving the world, and more towards saving the United States.

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