Lead by example

Lead by example

by Qualamiya Hall /Diverse GEMS  (Photo from Picable)

Consider how hard it is to change ourselves and that will help us understand what little chance we have in changing others. Sometimes we try to change something we see that is flawed in another, but we fail miserably. That is because you cannot change a person that does not want to be changed, OR that may not even know thay have a problem. Most people are aware of what their weaknesses are, and what they struggle with, but do not think of their ‘flaws’ as being serious enough to need outside assistance. Whether they are wrong or not, when you try to change someone, you will notice that they are often reluctant, and sometimes even defensive. They almost always have one of your flaws in their pocket waiting to throw it back at you, and tell you to worry about yourself. Moral of the story: The best way to help someone change is to change yourself, and lead by example.

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