Is the Wisconsin union bill a look into our country’s future?

Is the Wisconsin union bill a look into our country’s future?

by Chris McDonald

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a controversial law this week reducing the collective bargaining rights of public employees in his state.  This bill has set off a firestorm of protests and controversy, with Wisconsin Democrats going to great lengths by hiding in another state to avoid a vote.  The bill was pushed through without them, leaving public employees all over the country wondering if a similar bill will hit their state next.

So WHW Family, how do you feel about this bill? 

Is the Wisconsin union bill Is it simply an attack on unions, or a much needed compromise to help balance the states budget?

  • Yes, The Wisconsin Union Bill Is A Needed Sacrifice From Public Employees (72%)
  • No, The Bill Is An Attack On Public Employees And Should Be Repealed (28%)
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My Thoughts:

The way the Governor pushed the bill through seems to be very sketchy.  But remember just last year when House and Senate Democrats used similar tactics to push through the new health care law?  Me too.  The truth is public employees have perks that those of us in the private sector do not enjoy.  Employee benefits and pensions are better ways to secure a future than relying on your 401k, so I can’t relate with the protestors.  My feeling is that the budget needs to be balanced, and whatever needs to be done, no matter the state, must be done.  If my employer decides they no longer need my services, my option is to get a new job, not to renegotiate terms of my contract.

I don’t see the union bosses as thugs, any more than I see corporate CEO’s and Wall Street bankers as bullies.  It is simply two different machines, with plenty of money and power to push their agenda.  To get the country to move forward, we can’t keep sweeping problems under the rug.  Tough choices must be made, budgets must be adjusted, and citizens have two choices:  Help continue the problem, or work to create a solution.  If Wall Street needs new regulations, then it may be possible that the same type of restructuring may be needed with public employees.

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