Does the US lack leadership in President Obama?

Does the US lack leadership in President Obama?

by Chris McDonald

President Obama finally decided this week to engage in military action against Libya, to the praise, and criticism, or many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.  Republicans do not feel the President is doing a proper job leading the country, with House Speaker John Boehner pleading with the White House for more information on the mission.  Republicans do not feel that the President has taken the lead on a number of domestic issues as well, including balancing the budget and keep the balloning federal deficit from bankrupting the country.

What do you think WHW Family?


Is the President doing his job as a leader, or is his "hopey-changey thing" starting to lose its appeal?

  • Yes: The President is an effective leader who is moving the country forward despite its many challenges. (97%)
  • No: The President has not shown leadership capable of moving the country forward. (3%)
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My thoughts:  The differences between President Obama the leader, and former President Bush are pretty much night and day.  Bush was brash, unapologetic, and sometimes recklessin his actions.  Obama is calm, reserved, and much more of a thinker by committee, than someone who goes with his first gut instinct.  Which is better?  I guess it depends on what day it is.  The fact is we voted President Obama into office BECAUSE he was a thinker, BECAUSE his words gave us hope that problems would be solved, regardless of how big.  Nowadays, because the economy is still struggling, because the deficit is growing larger, because American’s have fears about the power of their own country, people seem to want a change in tone.  Don’t expect an episode of “White House: Extreme Makeover Edition” to happen under his watch.

You can’t expect President Obama to become someone he is not, he will always be the calm, collected, Salesperson-In-Chief, using his ability to reason and use dialogue to diagnose and solve problems, rather than dive headfirst.  There will always be critics who will question why we didn’t enter the Libya war sooner, but would it have helped?  Would the outcome had been any different had we intervened a week ago?  The same problems would still exist, including the biggest worry for Americans, which is the economy.  Republicans can use his decision to wait as a tool to bash his leadership skills, but taking a look at what he is focused on now: Jobs, shows that he is listening to the public, and the new majority in the House of Representatives is not.  Let’s stop tearing down each other, work together, and focus on what is important, not politically, but for the good of the country.  Libya is a bad situation, but people in my state are more worried about the President finding a job for them.  Until the Republican’s show leadership by cutting spending, creating jobs and attacking the deficit, there is no need for finger pointing.  Let’s get it figured out Washington, the public is questioning the government as a whole, not just the President.

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